Prophylactic self-isolation for elite dinner preparation. Day 111th.

shredded fresh coconut, raisins and cut in cubes raw sweet potatoes in a nice metal bowl with golden handles

Honestly, some scarecrow stories about eating raw vegetables could lead for funny stories to appear. As this: at the moment I was curious to try raw sweet potato - I was just frighten to take a bite! It is RAW!!! Probably it will bite me back!

Making ball sweets from black sesame seeds

Before 2019, I was, as many of us yet, the real gourmet of all those goodies from "imperative" cafeterias and bakery shops, knowing "what is really good and what is not". Funny I was, thinking to navigate among refined sugar, refined flour, and a dozen of legal food additives with looong chemical names. Who cares... These days, I am looking for more than archaic mixture of "sugar-flour-eggs" to satisfy the need of sweetness and prepare an extraordinary duet for a cup of tea.