Prophylactic self-isolation series. March 2020/2021

Why I was Writing on Prophylactic Self-Isolation Series?

I started to write daily from March 2020, when the pandemic came to my place. These series were to support and get support during the uncommon period of life.

I was writing on these series to overcome it with a smile.

I was writing to bring value for those who are looking for it.

  • Honest and professional research
  • Science-based articles
  • Creative solutions
  • Seasonal tips and tricks
  • Free access to all articles


Daily rubrics were on from March, 2020 till March 2021

What I was writing about

The statue sitting on the rails by the river

Traveling. Photography from around the world, Nature’s beauty

Inspiring MONDAY

Proverbs, videos, sayings, folk heritage, jokes

Artsy Saturday

Painting, music, fairytales, art history and much more

a lady in black doing sport: holding a red band in the air, blue curtain back ground

Gardening, sports, meditation, yoga

cooked rice in a glass bowl with spoon and filler aside

Delicious, tasty and healthy recipes: vegan, raw vegan, vegetarian. Tips and tricks in the kitchen, insights for proper nutrition. No added sugar, no flour, no eggs or meat here!

THURSDAY in the Emotional Valley

Dealing with emotional problems; seeking for psychological well-feeling; overcoming fears, food cravings and doubts

Al’Chemist on FRIDAY

Dealing with cosmetics, pesticides in food, food plans, toxins in a body, environmental pollution, etc

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