L’ Paradise

Scientific, mystic and heart-opened approach to live a very long happy life

History and Present

  • People around the world who live(d) long
  • Blue zones
  • Science

    • Genetics
    • Super foods
    • Drugs and surgery
    • Cosmetics

    Holistic approach

    • Holistic methods to make life longer
    • Interconnection among various life spheres: body and mind


    • Food recipes for longevity
    • Secrets and folk heritage

    Above the material world

    • Mystical and philosophical basis of intangible forces about longevity
    • Philosophical thoughts and sayings

    Where to start?

    • Prophylactic methods to start right now
    • Folk heritage

    A long life span is the cumulative result of doing a lot of little things right

    Udo Erasmus


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    The secret of my success is longevity

    Charles Hartshorne (1897-2000), an American philosopher