Turn trach into art!

VERO CAFE’s eco-art project “Turn trash into art” is starting together with eco-activist Alisa Palavenis.

Have you ever wondered how many disposable containers end up in the trash after just 15 minutes of use? More than 50 billion disposable coffee cups alone are thrown away every year… Maybe it’s time to move toward sustainability?

On 2023 February 25 – April 30, VERO CAFE and eco-activist Alisa Palavenis invites all coffee lovers in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, and Palanga to contribute to the new eco-art project “Turn trash into art!”.

During this period, we will collect used single-use coffee cup lids. Later, Alisa will transform them into works of art for the eco-art exhibition Terra Plastica. More information about the exhibition is coming soon!

On this occasion, we will give away a reusable WEDUCER coffee cup to one lucky person every week!

All you need to do:

  1. Collect used coffee cup lids (any color, any type)
  2. At VERO CAFE, throw them into the YELLOW BOX “Turn trash into art!”
  3. Share a photo with a coffee cup lid on your Facebook or Instagram
  4. Tag @verocafe (for Facebook) or @ecopanther (for Instagram)

What if you just want to support the eco-art campaign? Without a prize? You are welcome!

  • Collect used coffee cup lids and drop them into the “Turn trash into art!” marked YELLOW BOX at VERO CAFE!

MAP of Vero Cafe COFEE SHOPS where you can drop off used plastic lids:


LIST of Vero Cafe COFEE SHOPS where you can drop off used plastic lids:


  • Gedimino pr. 27
  • Giedraičių str. 41
  • Savanorių pr. 6b
  • Upės str. 9 (CUP)
  • Verkių str. 29 (Ogmios miestas)
  • Pociūno str. 8 (Vilniaus outlet II a.)


  • Vilniaus str. 18
  • Vilniaus str. 23
  • Laisvės av. 75
  • Laisvės av. 86
  • Savanorių pr. 441B (Drive)
  • Savanorių pr. 290


  • H. Manto str. 36


  • J. Basanavičiaus str. 48

Additional locations where you can drop off used plastic lids:

  • Jakšto str. 9, Vilnius (lt: centrinis įėjimas, central entrance, near art gallery “AIDAS”)
  • A. Juozapavičiaus str. 12, Vilnius (only for students, their parents and teachers of Vilnius “Santaros” gymnasium)

We will announce the winners of the eco-art promotion every week on Fridays at 7 pm.





Alisa Palavenis – doctor of chemical sciences, artist, and eco-activist. Since 2020, her desire to help Nature deal with human artifacts – rubbish – has transformed into frequent trips to Nature. Together with family, Alisa spends her free time in the fresh air collecting rubbish from beaches, rivers, and lake shores. This way, the family get a break from mental activity, clear their minds, while physical bodies get meaningful active work.

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