Banana with peanuts and chocolate glaze

Banana with peanuts and chocolate glaze.

AUTHOR:Dr Alisa Palatronis
PUBLISHED:April 20, 2022
LENGTH:2 minutes (350 words).

This dessert recipe looks extremely easy to make. However, you need to know some tips and tricks to make it exclusively delicious.

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About the ingredients and other

  • Use ripe, but firm and yellow bananas (no brown spots). For this recipe, avoid “smoothie” bananas with too soft pulp. Banana for this dessert must keep its shape for sure.
  • First of all, use only fresh peanut butter which has some “oil liquid” in it, mix well before use. Take it out of a fridge a few hours before you start (if you used to keep it in a fridge as I do), or melt it a bit using a water bath. The more even and liquid the consistency of the peanut butter, the easier it will be to roll the bananas in it.
  • I prefer my-made oven-roasted peanuts as they have better taste and quality. After baking raw peanuts, I sprinkle them with a minimal amount of salt. Commercially roasted peanuts may work too, however, they are usually too salty, overbaked, and of lower quality. Anyway, on the day when there will be no home-roasted peanuts, I will use those from a supermarket without overthinking what is too bad or too good:)
  • If you use salted peanuts – then use unsalted peanut butter, and vice versa. For me, personally, the salted peanuts version works better.
  • Use wider wooden sticks, such as two-tooth folk. Be careful not to tear the banana in the middle from an overweight load.
  • Use sugar-free and / or dairy-free chocolate according to your preferences.
  • Finally, refrigerate! I know how it may seem uneasy to wait for tomorrow, but, believe me, the next day this dessert gains superior taste!
banana peanuts chocolate
Banana with peanuts and chocolate glaze

Sweet and delicious

Banana with peanuts and chocolate glaze

EQUIPMENTwooden sticks, water bath
Passive time2-24 h
Active time30 min
TOTAL TIME2-24 h 30 min


Peanuts, baked and saltedhandfulhandful
Peanut butter, fresh100 g1/2 cup
Chocolate, dark100 g1 cup
Spices (ground cardamom, cinnamon or vanilla)to sprinkleto sprinkle


  1. Pinch a wooden stick into each banana half.
  2. Roll banana halves in peanut butter.
  3. Then roll them in peanuts.
  4. Finally, melt chocolate using water bath and cover the banana stick with melted chocolate.
  5. Sprinkle with some spices on top, if desired.
  6. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours or overnight.



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