Refreshing lemon-parsley juice

Refreshing lemon-parsley beverage

AUTHOR:Dr. Alisa PalatronisPUBLISHED:February 23 , 2022
SOURCE:www.z-antenna.comLENGTH:2 minutes (300 words).

“a fresh day starts with a fresh juice!”

I always start a day with a cup of my-made Crystal clear water. Time to time a cup of Lemon greens follows and after 15-30-45 min it makes wonders to my digestion, literally.

Ingredients for a morning juice Lemon greens

Ingredients for 1 portion:

  • 1-2 lemons
  • parsley leaves, handful
  • honey, 1 tsp (optional)
  • water, 350 ml or 1.5 cup

How to make it:

  • Squeeze lemons and cut parsley leaves
  • Mix in a blender all ingredients for 1 min at a medium speed
  • Let it sit for a while to separate a juice drink from a foam
  • Strain a juice drink. Its ready!

Warning for those who try to conceive

Read my article about 3 common herbs which may disturb fertility (including parsley)


  • lemon peels may be used for a sink refresher Le-la aroma in a kitchen
  • green waste may be used for Bokashi compost and Bokashi fertilizer

Lemon greens juicee provides a dose of freshness to my day

First time I tried a similar drink in one Krakow restaurant in 2019 and was just amazed about a tonic and refreshing effect it had. Well, my version is much more green in color probably because I am using a blender and bigger portion of parsley. Sometimes I drink it without straining, but strained version is definitely better.

About my Bokashi composting set

My post about Bokashi composting set is based on my personal experience with it. My garden was thriving with a help of Bokashi compost and fertilizer I used. It was a time when I lived in a warm climate and had a huge balcony.

If some of my readers would be interested, I bought my Bokashi on Amazon.

Any question about Bokashi? – I would be happy to share my personal experience with you, just let me know in the comments below

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4 thoughts on “Refreshing lemon-parsley juice

    1. Both Bokashi products are natural fertilizers, made during the fermentation process in a composter from your kitchen scratch by adding bran with effective microorganisms. It is extremely useful either in the garden or on the balcony. I used Bokashi fertilizer (liquid) even for indoor plants. Bokashi actually ‘pickles’ your kitchen scraps to bring it to a pre-compost state.
      Add fermented material (Bokashi compost) to a soil (for outdoor use only). When in the ground, the fermented material breaks down into soil in 4-6 weeks. Bokashi fertilizer (also known as Bokashi tea or Bokashi liquid) can be used for indoor and outdoor plants, lawns, veggies and flowers. It is a concentrated liquid. Always dilute it with water (approximately 1:100 ratio)! and do NOT apply directly to plant foliage. Hope this short instruction would be useful:)


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