Beauty and Value of Sustainable Landscape

Lantana flower and Monarch Butterfly

Beauty and Value of Sustainable Landscape

AUTHOR:Carrie SpencerPUBLISHED:December 16, 2021
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Your lawn is your calling card to the world and creates the first impression people have when they drive by your house or through your neighborhood. Going eco-friendly doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your landscaping in the process. Explore what you can employ to make your lawn an eye-catching beauty.

Below are a few tips that can help you make your yard look fantastic.

Install Xeriscape Landscaping

The term “xeriscape landscaping” doesn’t mean all rocks and no grass, but rather a collection of plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers that require little water and minimal upkeep.

As HGTV shows, you can actually build a good deal of stylized movement into your yard with rock-based landscaping.

Image of “xeriscape landscaping” by Pexels.

HGTV is an American pay television channel sharing home, design, decorating and remodeling ideas (author’s note).

Consider trails of river rock and mounds where you plant abundantly flowering plants, like Lantana.

Lantana flower and Monarch Butterfly
Image of Lantana flower and Monarch Butterfly (Latin Danaus plexippus) by Tiago J. G. Fernandes from Portimão, Portugal. Image from Wikipedia.

Lantana plants are a trouble-free choice even for hot, dry gardens. They bloom throughout summer, come in many colors, and attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

With Lantana flowers you can say goodbye to a lawnmower and a weed killer. Your yard will be beautiful and colorful.

Convert To a Drip System

Rather than needing a heavy-duty water-wasting sprinkler system, low maintenance, eco-friendly landscaping typically only needs a soaker hose or drip sprinklers to keep plants healthy and thriving.

The 10 Best Drip Irrigation Kits in 2021 are reviewed by Jorge McEwan. This approach allows you to save water, save money, and live in a sustainable fashion.

You’ll also reduce landscaping and maintenance fees, as well as the cost of irrigation system installation, repair, and replacement. If you can commit to regular watering, you may be able to eliminate an irrigation system altogether.

Consider Artificial Grass

If you can’t envision a yard that’s devoid of lush-looking green grass, look into the wealth of realistic, eco-friendly artificial turf products. Long gone are the days of products that look like neon green low-shag plastic carpet.

Today’s options are realistic in look and feel, are pet and child-friendly, and provide a great alternative to real grass.

You may find a number of price points in the market and can typically choose between full-service installation or do-it-yourself options.  Find out 10 Best Artificial Grass Reviews by Consumer Guide in 2021.

Enjoy Your Home’s Increasing Value

In addition to making your home look beautifully well-maintained, an attractive lawn has the potential to increase your house’s value, particularly through curb appeal. How to Increase Your Home Appraisal Value? The size, quality, condition, and presence or absence of key features impact your home’s appraised value.

If your home’s front yard is the envy of the neighborhood, it will stand out in even the most competitive of housing markets.

Image of cozy house by Pexels.

It’s also a way to add style and personality into a tract home neighborhood, where there are few differentiating architectural features.

Add in the low maintenance and money-saving features of eco-friendly yard design, paired with a nod to sustainable living, and your investment has the potential to pay big dividends!

Look for Water-Saving Landscape

Some cities, particularly in the desert southwest of US, offer rebates and incentives to homeowners who install eco-friendly landscapes as a way to mitigate water shortages during drought conditions. Check with your local water department about programs that reduce your fees, or even pay you for transitioning from water-guzzling greenery to water-saving desert landscape.

You may find classes that teach you sustainable gardening and techniques that will show you how to DIY your way to an enviable lawn!

It’s not often that we have opportunities to live sustainably while still saving money and having the benefit of something beautiful. Landscaping fits into this category.

Houzz magazine explains that reclaimed materials and native plants can also help you add character to your yard, as well as allow you to conserve water.

In her article, a landscape designer Lauren Dunec Hoang presents 12 Sustainable Gardening Ideas From Landscape Design Pros.

You can find a number of do-it-yourself tips online, or hire a landscaper who specializes in sustainable designs.

Image from

Final thoughts

Lawn upkeep can be a big job, but building an eco-friendly yard can help you conserve water, reduce workload, and transform your home into a beautiful showplace.

Best of all, it’s an investment your whole family can enjoy, and when you opt for drought-tolerant landscaping, you become part of the sustainable living community.

Carrie Spencer created The Spencer’s Adventures to share her family’s homesteading adventures. On the site, she shares tips on living self-sufficiently, fruit and vegetable gardening, parenting, conservation, and more. Her goal is to live as self-sufficiently and environmentally-consciously as possible.

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