The book “Rubbish Paradise” is published!

As you may already know, I have published the second cookbook “Daily, Sugar-Free Recipes for Almost Vegans.”

In addition to this (and as a bright example of “how sugar-free, almost vegan lifestyle makes impossible things possible), I have already published one more, eco-related book.


We (me and my husband) are eco-activists volunteers who clean beaches from plastic and other human-made rubbish.

Currently, my art / documentary book “Rubbish Paradise” about the real pollution situation along the Baltic Sea is published in English on Amazon, and soon it will be available in German language too.

We are looking for the financial support to cover designer’s costs only! Please join or send the link to those who may be interested.

Collecting rubbish from Nature still looks like a forbidden activity for most of us. While people are busy with their own businesses day by day, some of us make real actions to enter the less polluted future on the planet Earth. Your financial contribution for the book „Rubbish Paradise“ is a chance to join and add some karma points to yourself!


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