Teff Porridge Discovered!

There may be some of us who miss breakfast at all, or drink only freshly squeezed juice for breakfast (as me), but anyway, Teff Porridge can become an unexpected discovery for those who have not yet tasted it. Well, the word “breakfast” itself means to “break” the “fast”. With what food do you stop fasting every morning?

Most often on YouTube videos I see people looking for a healthy diet eating oatmeal porridge for breakfast or something like that, but still from oats.

Oats (as any other cereal grain) are rich in phytic acid, a compound which impairs the absorption of essential minerals, such as iron, zinc, calcium and others. More so, phytic acid blocks the production of digestive enzymes, making food harder on your stomach.

Soaking is one of the method to reduce the content of phytic acid in food. However, even while you are soaking oats overnight (so-called overnight oats), you’re also consuming that soaked water, which contains the phytic acid. This is because in 99.9% of cases we use oat flakes, rolled oats or instant oats, but not a whole oat (groat – a grain with the inedible hard outer hull removed).

What if we diversify our breakfast diet a bit and try Teff Porridge? Teff grains can be easily soaked and rinsed, therefore, one may enjoy a truly, truly healthier breakfast with less phytic acid content.

Teff Porridge with fresh berries

Sweet sugar-free breakfast

Stay sweet: Teff Porridge with Berries

EQUIPMENTwooden spoon:)
Passive time8 h (optional)
Active time20 min
TOTAL TIME8 h (optional) 20 min


teff grain90 g1/2 cup
water280 g2 cups
salt1/2 tsp1/2 tsp
fresh berries handfulhandful


  1. In a small pot, bring water to a boil
  2. Add salt and teff grains and stir well with a wooden spoon
  3. Lower the heat to a simmer, cover the pot and cook for 15 min                       
  4. Check the teff at 14-15 min: teff should be soft and almost creamy, water should be absorbed. As teff begins to thicken, stir frequently to prevent burning                       
  5. Remove teff from the heat and let it sit, covered, for 5 min before serving. Serve with fresh berries.

Soak teff grains before cooking for 8 h or overnight if teff porridge is supposed to be your daily meal. If using occasionally – one may skip the soaking step.

If there are no fresh berries on hand, you can replace them with a grated apple with a pinch of cinnamon. the color of the dish will be a little pale, but the taste remains good!

To my greatest surprise, this teff porridge was delicious even when it was totally cold


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Best reviewer writes about this book: Dr. Alisa Palatronis has “cooked up” a very interesting cookbook! I am intrigued by the ingredient choices for some recipes and can’t wait to try them all! My palate is anticipating them all. I did try a few right away since I had the ingredients on hand. The Mascadates from Bożena and Almonds in Heaven were very tasty! I also tried the Hello Hasselback Potato too, they were delicious!! My next recipe will be Delights from 1001 Nights for a sweet treat since I love chickpeas.
This cookbook is one of a kind and I look forward to trying all the recipes and passing it along to my vegan friends and non vegan friends alike. Thank you Dr. Palatronis for this special treat, you have a way with enticing ones palate with your pictures and ingredients combinations.

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