Almost Dijon Mustard

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No doubts, home-made food, if made with knowledge and love, tastes hundreds of times better, is more nutritious and do not consist chemically-made (unnatural) food additives.

I searched for a dozen of home-made Dijon mustard recipes online. Different people suggest different ways to make it and have their own little tips which work best.

I have learned these tips and here is my recipe of the unique Dijon mustard which I share with you!

I call it “almost Dijon”, because half of mustard seeds are milled, while other half consist of whole seeds (as it should be in a real Dijon mustard). For my family, it goes well with chickpeas dishes and vegan salads. Give it a try!


Recipe for Gourmet: Almost Dijon Mustard

EQUIPMENTjuicer, coffee mill (optional), small glass jars
Passive time1 week
Active time30 min
TOTAL TIME1 week 30 min


White mustard seeds50 g
Black mustard seeds50 g
Apple (to make 100 ml of fresh juice)1
Salt1/2 tsp
Honey1 Tbsp
Flaxseed oil, cold pressed1 Tbsp
Apple vinegar1 Tbsp


  1. In a coffee mill, mill half of each type of mustard: 25 g of white mustard seeds and 25 g of black mustard seeds
  2. Combine milled and whole mustard seeds in a hot resistant glass/ceramic bowl
  3. Pour boiling water (approx. 250 ml / 1 cup) on it so that to fully cover the seed mixture and stir
  4. Let it sit on a counter for 5-10 min and drain (just pour some water out carefully)
  5. Make a fresh juice from apple using a juicer
  6. In a saucepan (made of stainless steel or use ceramic pot), combine apple juice, salt and honey and bring the mixture to a boil
  7. Pour hot liquid on mustard mixture and let it sit on a counter for 24 h
  8. Next day, if extra liquid is observed on the top of mustard mixture, carefully pour it out
  9. Add flaxseed oil and apple vinegar, mix well
  10. Transfer mustard mixture into small glass jars, close the lids and let it stay in a refrigerator for one week. Only after one week it is tasty and ready!

Good to know

  • Mustard seeds are processed with hot water to reduce unpleasant bitterness
  • I would really recommend to mill mustard seeds freshly instead of using mustard powder, but this option is also available
  • Mustard dressing might sit in a refrigerator for one week before using it to mature, also, some bitterness may still occur if not letting it sit cold for some time
  • This dressing is already in my fridge for a month and nothing has happened with it – no spoilage or taste changes, only getting better!
  • Next time I will make a double portion of this dressing! It is really so different from standard dressings and tastes amazingly good!


Would you like to get more recipes?

Please take a look into my first cookbook!!!

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Published December 2020

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Best reviewer writes about this book: Dr. Alisa Palatronis has “cooked up” a very interesting cookbook! I am intrigued by the ingredient choices for some recipes and can’t wait to try them all! My palate is anticipating them all. I did try a few right away since I had the ingredients on hand. The Mascadates from Bożena and Almonds in Heaven were very tasty! I also tried the Hello Hasselback Potato too, they were delicious!! My next recipe will be Delights from 1001 Nights for a sweet treat since I love chickpeas.
This cookbook is one of a kind and I look forward to trying all the recipes and passing it along to my vegan friends and non vegan friends alike. Thank you Dr. Palatronis for this special treat, you have a way with enticing ones palate with your pictures and ingredients combinations.

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