Why we are trying to be just positive? Even an electric battery is nor positive nor negative!

When the conscious mind seeks something at any cost, our subconscious mind gets even deeper signals and lastly gives what we are seeking for. In this article we continue the idea to get rid of the paranoiac desire to be positive.

A few articles are already dedicated to the topic of paradoxical seeking to be positive at any cost. Here are they:

Last Saturday, in the article Paradox of trying to be positive. CONTINUATION, we were talking about the situations when the meaning “positive” is rather negative and undesirable. If very shortly and to sum up, here what we have:

Positive situations which are negative:

  • (clinical laboratory) tests positive (do we always want a test to be positive??)
  • positively charged electrons (free radicals) which induce inflammation in a body
  • positively charged electrons from TV/computer screens which pass to humans

Even electric battery is nor positive nor negative

Could you imagine an electronic battery which is just positive – a sign “plus” on both ends? How then the electric energy would be produced? No ways! It will not works at all! Of course, humans are not electric alkaline batteries. But let us look for the principles of energy flow, that is all.

A drop of electrochemistry:

The electric energy in an (alkaline) battery produces only when negative electrons are being attracted by positive pole (the end with a sign “+”).

You may l’earn more about the union between “positive” and “negative” in the electronic battery so that to realize – the energy could be produced only when both components interact.

How Batteries Work – Battery electricity working principle

How does a battery work, learn from the basics where we use and battery and how batteries work, by The engineering Mindset, July 19, 2020

A drop of psychology

In a modern urban lifestyle we commonly do not allow ourselves to be “not positive”. It seems that all the things MUST be right, good, positive and shiny-fluffy. Look, the Nature’s laws are not working in this manner. If one wishes the energy flow – both positive and negative things should took place.

From the other hand, when we imitate positivity at any cost, then we start to play positivity even when it is real. I mean, instead of enjoying the real positive moments of life we “play” them as on a stage, because we have trained the mind to play and mask the feelings. When it comes to the moments of joy, happiness or heaven’s pleasure – would it be great to feel them as intense as those real moments of sadness or despair?

Let your head be guided by God //…// if you feel sad – it is ok to sit with the sadness //…//

Eva Loves Raw

Great advice from Eva – to be honest to yourself

HOW TO BEAT CRAVINGS ON A RAW VEGAN LIFESTYLE // Helpful and honest insight, tips and tricks! The video is not only about raw food, or raw diet, it is also a tremendous helping hand for those who are constantly afraid to be “not positive”

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