Fill in Your Avocado!

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As I started my almost vegan lifestyle a few years ago, the struggle with avocados has began.

When I was preparing a salad with avocado – family members were there to catch all the pieces of it from a salad. It was a kind of a silent battle – to be the first to find and grab pieces of avocado, but not greeny leaves or carrots. It is not a secret – avocado is tasty!

Little by little I came to an idea not to add avocado into salad AT ALL.

Now, if I want an avocado – I take it all!

I just fill two pieces of the whole fruit with some other food and everybody has his own good dose of avocado!

What to add into avocado piece? Here is my personal (r)evolution of avocado pieces:
  • with anchovies in 2019
  • with salted olives in 2020
  • with fresh lentil sprouts in 2021!

What is your favorite filling for avocado pieces?:)

Avocado (r)evolution: with anchovies in 2019, with salted olives in 2020, with fresh lentil sprouts in 2021!

Tasty things:)


Would you like to get more recipes?

Please take a look into my first cookbook!!!

25 delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes including desserts, appetizers, mocktails, salads, soups and second meals by Dr. Alisa Palatronis.

Published December 2020

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Best reviewer writes about this book: Dr. Alisa Palatronis has “cooked up” a very interesting cookbook! I am intrigued by the ingredient choices for some recipes and can’t wait to try them all! My palate is anticipating them all. I did try a few right away since I had the ingredients on hand. The Mascadates from Bożena and Almonds in Heaven were very tasty! I also tried the Hello Hasselback Potato too, they were delicious!! My next recipe will be Delights from 1001 Nights for a sweet treat since I love chickpeas.
This cookbook is one of a kind and I look forward to trying all the recipes and passing it along to my vegan friends and non vegan friends alike. Thank you Dr. Palatronis for this special treat, you have a way with enticing ones palate with your pictures and ingredients combinations.

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