Paradox of trying to be positive. CONTINUATION

How common is it these days to say something like this: “I am trying to be positive!”, or “Be positive!”, or “Take it positive!”, etc

What is the meaning of these phrases and how does our subconscious mind perceive it?

How does the phrase and state of constantly “Be positive” may affect us at the end? After reading this article some attentive readers may give up with the a bit paranoiac idea to “be positive” right here and forever.

How subconscious mind works seeking to be positive:

1. Subconscious mind would seek it at any cost

The backside of toxic positivity and examples from real lives are described in the previous post on this topic: Paradox of trying to be positive / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 364th.

2. Subconscious mind does not recognize the direction of an action

For the subconscious mind the commands “no” and “yes” do not exist. More about it is written in the post Subconscious mind rules / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 336th.

For example, if you say to yourself “Don’t eat chocolate” or “Stop eat chocolate”, the subconscious mind will only perceive the action “eat chocolate”, but the direction “don’t”.

Consequently, the phrase: “I do not want to struggle, I want to be positive” may be understood by the subconscious mind as “I want to struggle, I want to be positive”.

This happens because the subconscious mind , our true mind, is working differently than the conscious, thinking mind does.

3. Subconscious mind gets the whole image

Subconscious mind takes out all the possible information to make an action

I am full (fool)

For example, when I eat too much and say “I am full” (transcription [fʊl]), the phrase is close to “I am fool” (transcription [fuːl]), because we usually say this phrase with emotions and therefore pronounce the words a bit longer. And true, eating too much is silly and not healthy. When I realized this, I now avoid to say “I am full”, because I avoid to overeat.

Of course, the words and their meaning differ in different languages, but one could find funny coincidences in any language which he speaks.

In Russian, the word FLOUR and SUFFERING are written the same way: мука. The only difference is that the accentuation is made on the different syllables: мукá and мýка, respectively.

When in a written form, no accentuation is never made, thus the subconscious mind takes both meanings while reading the word мука: “flour” and “suffering”. Probably, it does not have a relation with the origin of the words, but anyway, it may appear that these two words send people a kind of a message.

Or, lets talk about the phrase “Good morning”, which may be understood by the subconscious mind as “Good mourning”. Tricky things!

Test positive

For the subconscious mind the phrase “I want to be positive” may even cover the meaning of a clinical laboratory test to be positive. Lets say, some lab tests we may want to be positive (pregnancy test), but for some tests we would seek to avoid “test positive” at any cost! (just think about the current epidemic situation).

The subconscious mind responds to our thoughts at the maximum possible level and understands them as a whole thing.

Therefore, lots of time we emit misleading commands to our brains.

No wonder we have troubles all around!

Positive things which are negative

Positively charged ions increase inflammation in a body. Welcome back to Chemistry and Physics, guys!

Have you heard about earthing (or grounding)?

Earthing or grounding

While the surface of our planet is electrically conductive (except desert areas), and has negatively charged electrons (supplied and replenished by the global atmospheric electrical circuit), – human bodies maintain positively charged electrons (free radicals) which go side by side with inflammations.

CHEVALIER, G., et al. (1)

Anti-inflammatory effects of grounding are explained as the body allows negatively charged antioxidant electrons from the Earth to enter the body and neutralize positively charged free radicals at sites of inflammation. Flow of electrons from the Earth to the body has been documented.

CHEVALIER, G., et al. (1)

The upside-down reality: wishing yourself or others “to stay positive” in fact means not to recharge with Nature! We usually wish ourselves and others “to stay positive!” while in fact, positively charged electrons should be removed from a body!

TV dust

Have you noticed the screens of TV and computers go dusty fast?

TV/computer screens are positively charged (covered with positive electrons). Positive charges in the screen induce a charge in the dust particle, pulling the negative charges closer to it, and pushing the positive charges away. The screen then attracts the negative side, pulling the dust particle to it (2).

As one may know, the dust is composed of a good dose of sloughed-off skin cells. Well, if switching on the fantasy, the screen is attracting our skin, taking a part of us daily! There is an exchange between matter: positive electrons from the screens go to a human, human shares his low stocks of negative electrons, therefore increasing the level of inner inflammation.

Now, when the way the subconscious mind gets active in our daily life is a bit clear, lets go further!

Even an electric battery is nor positive nor negative

Even an electric battery is nor positive nor negative at any of its side. Did you know that?

We are facing the situation where an urban human needs to take an example from an electric battery to perform emotionally, and therefore, physically well. Stay tuned to l’earn about this next Saturday!

instead of being positive, maybe it is time just to be happy?


  1. CHEVALIER, G., et al. Earthing: Health Implications of Reconnecting the Human Body to the Earth’s Surface Electrons. Journal of Environmental and Public Health, 2012, vol. 2012
  2. Why are there dust particles on TV screens?, online source:

To be continued…

5 thoughts on “Paradox of trying to be positive. CONTINUATION

    1. Formulas work as templates, developed by those who has already succeed in a particular task. It may be a good idea to stick to formulas at the beginning (of any project). Once you get in and have your own experience, intuition, love and knowledge how to do this or that – formulas are left aside, isn’t it? Formulas help, but they do not solve. There is always something else what is needed – a Human.

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      1. Agreed totally!
        I also used a particular ‘form’ of expression of my thoughts in my comment!
        Maybe I didn’t like the prediction!
        I must be Honest as per my principle!

        And thank you so much for your response!

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