Human the Giant / The last post of Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 366th.

Z-antenna finishes Prophylactic self-isolation series today, after one-year daily writing.

Human is a Giant. A Giant which is nowadays suppressed by his conscious mind, modern technologies, dogmas of social behavior, television and anthropogenic venoms.

Human is a Giant if he would ever start to believe in this.

Human is a Giant of his own world, but the world itself needs to be taken back.

Clause 1

In China over a hundred years ago one only paid the doctor when he was well; if you got sick you didn’t pay because the doctor had not done his job which was to keep you healthy. The doctor then treated you for free until you were well again. One would see the doctor on a regular basis for acupuncture, herbs, diet and lifestyle guidance. This was the ultimate model for preventative medicine (1).

Clause 2

The son of a friend of mine, a six years old boy, was telling me about his new Android tablet game. He was so excited about it because the characters of the game seemed so real.

Here is our short dialog about it:

-I have a new game. I play it and I fight with monsters there. One monster is soooo big (here he made a broad hand gesture and his eyes widened). This monster is huge! I will show you…, – he said.

-Well, even if that monster is soooo big, it is not bigger than your Android tablet. After all, this huge monster is inside a small screen which you handle, right?, – I replied.

The child was noticeably confused and excited even more, as children are getting excited when they put some obvious facts together and realize the sum-up result of their calculations.

He was looking at his hand holding a tablet and was trying to realize how the scary monster could be huge and tiny small at the same time.

-If the monster is smaller than my arm, then I do not afraid of it anymore!, – he said as a winner.

Clause 3

Though I am drawing and painting already a second year after a long break, I still used to have almost masochistic feeling of not liking my art. After any new project done I suffered from desperate perception of my non-realistic style of drawing. The hand with a brush were constantly doing something else than I have imagined. The suffer was real and painful every time, sometimes even till tears and hopelessness.

Now I know that the practice heals the beginner, but even knowing by the mind does not safe from hating the first canvases.

What happened this week is that I took my two first paintings back home from the art studio. I left them there for more than a year. I left them in the studio because I did not want to see those quasimodos created by myself.

So this week I took them home, put to the wall, sit in front of it on the floor and… sent love. It was a day, Wednesday, of self-recognition. It was a day when I sent love to myself. I cannot explain by logic or mind how this transition and why it happened, it just came to me, grew within me and overflowed my feelings in seconds. A few moments before I sat on the floor and I had no idea how and what would happen within me…

I feel the power within me, I feel as the Giant of visual art, of painting.

I have got my wings and I am flying.

There are no need to compare my works with any others, because in the world of Giants the Giants are self-confident and prosperous in their own way.

However, I need to say, I feel that this miraculous transformation had a basis. One friend of mine was always there to support. She honestly always liked (and still likes) my paintings and did not hide good words about it. A true love heals any suffer, its true.



  1. Pay the doctor only if he keeps you well, Mary Chamberlain, May 8, 2009, online source


Z-antenna finishes one-year daily writing with this post.

Remember, you are the giant of your life, any monster is not bigger than a screen of a tablet.

you are the GIANT of your life. monsters do not exist in real. any monster is not bigger than a screen of a tablet.

I will continue to write and post here on my website, but no more daily!

Another idea came to my mind.

As the stage of challenging daily-writing is finished, I am jumping into drawing daily for a next year from this Sunday. Lets see how long it will last: a few days, weeks, or really a year?:)

With love and a piece of magic to all my readers, Alisa:)

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