Paradox of trying to be positive / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 364th.

How common is it these days to say something like this: “I am trying to be positive!”, or “Be positive!”, or “Take it positive!”, etc

What is the meaning of these phrases and how does our subconscious mind perceive it?

How does the phrase and state of constantly “Be positive” may affect us at the end? After reading this article some attentive readers may give up with the a bit paranoiac idea to “be positive” right here and forever.

How subconscious mind works:

1. Subconscious mind would seek it at any cost

If one is consciously persistent with the idea to be positive at any cost, subconscious mind would seek it too, even till the edge of toxic positivity.

Toxic positivity

A real story from the past

The first, and definitely the most shocking story about toxic positivity I learned from school. There was a naughty cheerful boy, a few years younger than us, around twelve years old. He was younger, a kid, but anyway he was well known among pupils of his age, younger and older, because of his laugh, jokes, and active mood. As now, I remember his smiling face, joyful shouts through school corridors. If there was something to laugh from during a break – he was probably there too, as an initiator.

One day instead of classes we gathered for a funeral. The cheerful boy has hanged on a door handle. The boy. At the age of twelve. It was a tragedy not only for the family, but a huge shock for all who knew him. How? Why? So young, a kid! So happy with life!

From the present time

I added one video to “watch later” on You Tube on September 19, 2020. I wanted to share it with a friend of mine who said she is trying so hard to be positive. However, before sharing I always check what is in. As I said, I added the video to “watch later” but eventually forgot about it for a few months….

The video was probably not only for a friend of mine, the video was dedicated for me too…

But I see people around are the same, hooked on being positive.

The author of the video could seem a bit young for such a deep research and mindful experience, we used to see an older person talking this way. But you know, at the age of five I knew more about life than decades later. When you want to hear the truth – listen to the youth:)

The toxic world of self-help: Hustle Culture, Toxic Positivity, Addiction and more

The toxic world of self help: a world surrounded by toxic positivity, self help addiction, fake gurus, and hustle culture. It’s the side of ‘self-development’ that is often overlooked by those on the outside, and even those who are avid consumers of the industry. In this video we take a dive into the dark side of self-help, and the traps that may lie in wait for those who enter this world.

Another video, worth to watch

Even though a positive mindset is generally more preferable than a negative one, there’s also a dark side to the whole ‘positivity culture’ we see nowadays.

Way to broaden the patterns

Maybe instead of a smile through clenched teeth and instead of cheerful face, covered with tears a few moments ago, maybe just to be yourself? And translate a state of being AS IT IS in real, so that to overcome it and go further normally? So that to share a smile, not a toxic smile, to share laugh, not a fake laugh, to share love, not a fake love.

instead of being positive, maybe it is time just to be happy?

Bobby McFerrin – Don’t Worry Be Happy (Official Video)

We used to react according a few narrow standard patterns: a) to complain or b) to keep the troubles inside. But no! One could surely tell to a friend/colleague/talker: “Look, today it is just a hard day for me, lets talk later”. So, first of all, by taking this position you do not lie to others, but what is the most important – you do not suppress yourself by fake “official” emotions.

Remove the fake emotional mask and BE HAPPY!

We liberate ourselves from a net of toxic positivity when negative emotions or experience are expressed, or stated and accepted.

To be continued…

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