If you cannot be a gardener – become a Green Panther as me! / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 358th.

Who is Green Panther?

Green Panther in fact has two absolutely different meanings:

  1. Green Panthers (in plural form!) is a United States cannabis rights advocacy organization founded in Washington, D.C., in 1990 by Terry Mitchell and Loey Glover
  2. As a term, Green Panther means an activist, one who specifically fights for environmental issues. A lover of Nature, a conservationist and a green activist.

I do invite anyone to become a Green Panther as a green activist, and take care of Nature!

Modern way to reconnect with Nature and Earth

Even if there are absolutely no possibilities to start gardening, we may reconnect with the earth, with the soil and Nature in a modern way!

For a modern way to reconnect with Nature you do not need to buy pots, or find a place for plants, or look for fertilizers and watering, nothing at all!

To reconnect with Nature in a modern way is to CLEAN IT. Yes, clean it from litter, plastic trash and disposable food utensils. Every time, anywhere.

For cleaning Nature there are no excuses like “it is not my place”, I am here temporary”, “This is not my garbage”.

Nature is yours when you take care of it.

Those who litter will change for good, or will not, anyway, it is their life and their choice. Now we are talking about YOUR choice.

I used to be angry till…

I used to be angry on those who litter. This spring I have changed and yes, I have found the peace in myself and love just to Nature.

In fact, I have a great opportunity to be valuable for Nature – this is more than enough to feel good, to feel great. And now I am focusing on how to be valuable. Also, I have realized the importance to stop focusing on those who litter.

The world will not be changed by me or anyone else,
it lives its big life

Monday morning

Starting from spring each year, I continue my tradition to clean Nature from litter.

This Monday morning I have collected a huge bag of glass and plastic litter from a nearby park.

The park itself is clean and nice, but the areas just close to it are terrible. Those are probably the places where alcoholics meet, because I found and collect enormous amount of broken glass and cans, single shoes and big pieces of plastic wrap, already stuck in a soil.

So pity, because the Nature around is the same beautiful. I dragged a bag till the nearest trash can and at that moment I stretched out – I saw squirrels: one, then another, then the third. They thanked me for my job.

The area seems clean until you get closer…
One big bag of plastic/glass litter collected in the park this Monday

I have already wrote in my previous post If you are not yet a gardener – spring is a time to start / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 355th. about enormous benefits of gardening as a meaningful reconnection with earth, with Nature.

I will repeat, but this is important:

Even 40-50 years ago people were more connected with Nature, worked in fields and probably were much more calm and happier in terms of inner piece. These days, when we are mostly disconnected with the soil, by asphalt, buildings and technologies, by the noise of media – where do you think to get the true connection with Nature? Nowhere, we are disconnected and therefore suffer constantly.

As a farmer in XXI century

In XXI century, cleaning Nature from litter and trash may be treated as working in fields a few centuries ago. You have respect from others, you respect yourself. This activity is not easy and fun, it is sometimes a heavy physical work. But this activity creates value for the future. From the days when people passed down the fields to industrial concerns, cleaning Nature might be the one of the great ways to come back to Nature and to be valuable.

Cleaning Nature in XXI century is like being a farmer in XIX-XX centuries. All the respect and value for you then!

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