Avoiding aluminum “traffic” into a body and ways to excrete it naturally / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 351st.

While we are unable to make the judgement it would be wise to adopt a precautionary approach and to reduce human exposure to aluminum to a particular minimum

Christopher Exley

Christopher Exley is an English chemist known for his research on the health effects of aluminum exposure.

Three Fridays at least we were talking about aluminum and its impact on human health.

We have already discussed the following sub-topics about ALUMINUM:

  • Why aluminum is harmful (toxic) for a human
  • Negative impact of aluminum burden in a body, its accumulation in brain and bones and the link to chronic/degenerative diseases, its indirect and direct impact on breast cancer
  • Sources of aluminum burden in the body 

All this information is available in the previous articles:

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Aluminum and breast cancer. Is there an (indirect) link? / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 337th.

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Today’s article will cover the following in regards to aluminum burden:

  1. detecting aluminum: blood/urine tests versus elemental hair analysis
  2. how to avoid excess “traffic” of aluminum into a body
  3. how to eliminate aluminum from a body naturally

1. Detecting aluminum: blood/urine tests versus elemental hair analysis

Based on rigorous analysis of scientific publications, it was concluded that “Hair is a meaningful and highly representative tissue for assessing toxic burden” (United States Environmental Protection Agency).

If any toxic substance is in excess, the body wants to eliminate it and, if not possible, it sends toxic substances to “less-important” parts of a body – for example, soft tissue. Hair might be seen as a soft tissue, where body sends toxic substances, like heavy metals. At the same time, minerals or toxic elements would stay in hair in their “dead” structure, it means their quantity will be unchanged.

Contrary, blood/urine tests show the concentration of minerals (or other substances) at the present moment. As blood is a dynamic liquid in a living organism, it always seeks to reach homeostasis. Blood plays a role of a transporter (for minerals, glucose, amino acids, fats, hormones, etc). The blood test results may change every minute/hour/day, depending on physical activity, stress level, type of food, the time the test was carried out, exposure to smoke, or fresh air. The same is valid for the urine test.

Blood/urine tests are extremely valuable for detecting current situation during acute disease or in case of worsening of chronic disease. However, accumulation of the mineral/heavy metal in the body may be detected with more accurate result by using hair for the analysis.

Summary: The body tends to eliminate any toxic substance or excess of minerals into less important (soft) tissues like hair. Minerals/heavy metals in hair are stored in stable concentration; unlike in blood where concentration of any substance may change within hours/days/minutes depending on physical activity, food, time the test was carried out, etc. Elemental hair analysis would provide more accurate result of toxic elements, like aluminum, which are stored in a body.

2. How to avoid excess “traffic” of aluminum into a body

  • Read carefully the list of possible aluminum sources and identify which items may be your ways of aluminum burden. Then make efforts to eliminate or minimize these ways
    • A KIND REQUEST: Comment below this post if you know any other source of aluminum which may enter a body. The list of possible aluminum sources would be updated according to your comments. Your involvement is highly appreciated!

Leave your comment below this post if you know any other source of aluminum

  • Baking in aluminum foil
    • To avoid this – avoid baking
    • If not possible to avoid baking – then while baking, for example, a sweet potato, wrap it first into baking paper and then in aluminum foil as a second layer. This will eliminate a direct contact of aluminum with your baked food.
  • Food wraps from aluminum foil
    • Use paper bags or beeswax food wraps instead
  • Canned food
    • Avoid canned food
    • If not possible: when opening a can, it is suggestable to put its content into another (glass) container immediately,. If eating directly from a can – the thin layer of a can surface may be easily damaged by a folk or spoon, and the metal content now reacts and goes into food, especially if canned food is sour (contains tomatoes or other acidic ingredients which facilitate aluminum leakage)
  • Kitchenware
    • Be sure to use non aluminum pots/frying pans. If you use aluminum-based kitchenware anyway – avoid its contact with acidic food. Acidic food facilitates the leakage of aluminum into food directly.
      • Examples of food with organic acids: citric acid (lemon), other citrus fruits, tomatoes, vinegar
  • Filter drinking water
    • Reverse Osmosis will reduce the aluminum content of drinking water by over 98%. Distillation will reduce the aluminum content of water by over 99%.
    • Think to replace your Brita filter to another type. According to some water tests, Brita filter increased the amount of aluminum in the water by almost 34%. Aluminum was actually added to the water by the Brita filter itself, although this may be an aluminum trioxide which acts as water purifier

Summary: Bake with baking paper, use nonaluminum kitchenware, filter drinking water, avoid canned products, avoid contact of aluminum-based kitchenware with acidic food

3. How to facilitate the elimination of aluminum from a body naturally

  • Exercise
    • Cardio exercises like running, jump rope, dancing, boxing, tennis or basketball, aerobics provoke sweating. Sweating facilitates toxic elements like aluminum to eliminate with sweat.
      • To make it right and not wrong, be sure not to use any antiperspirant during sports.
    • Any other sport activity like yoga, Pilates, walking, cycling or golf are also welcome, because it stimulate lymph to move. Lymph plays a role of drainage, or lets say “sewerage” in our bodies and helps to cleanse toxic substances and metabolites from a body. Lymph nodes which our lymph may be clogged with toxemias if lymph circulation is not sufficient
      • Take the shower right after sport. Be sure to wash sweat with plain water right after sports, do not let sweat to absorb into a body repeatedly.
  • Armpit hair
    • Leave armpit hair as long as 1-2 cm or even longer so that the excreted toxins to be caught by hair (as Nature has foreseen), but not re-absorbed through the armpit pores back under the skin
  • Sauna
    • another way to sweat out some aluminum out. Be sure to wash a body thoroughly with plain water after each session at sauna
  • Drinking silicon-rich mineral water
    • Regular drinking of silicon-rich mineral water facilitates excretion of aluminum with urine. In one study people were asked to drink 1.5 L of a silicon-rich mineral water (around 17 mg per 1 liter as Si) daily to increase aluminum excretion from their bodies
    • Herein, the urine test would be a perfect and proper tool to measure the amount of aluminum excreted after daily dose of Si (silicon-rich water)

perspiration is an important, if not the most significant route by which tissue/systemic aluminum is excreted from a body

Christopher Exley

Summary: To facilitate aluminum excretion from a body the following actions are helpful: cardio exercises, any other non-cardio exercises, no antiperspirant during sports, shower right after sports, armpit hair, sauna, filtering of your drinking water, silicon-rich mineral water.


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