The finish line is so close yet so far / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Days 349/350th.

-I did not write post yesterday…Im tired about daily writing…A bit confused about all it…, – I wrote this morning to a friend of mine. She answered:

– Maybe its time to just write when you’re inspired? To lay of daily routine?

My dear friend, I agree, but I cannot stop. It was my farseeing goal to write daily for as long as one year from the day when the pandemic, COVID-19, has appeared at my place, the day when all the world has started to turn inside out. It was a kind of diary at the beginning, later has developed in a few niches, later I started to write long and a bit more professionally, searching and researching on different topics.

I feel like a lighthouse which has a need to catch a light signal from another lighthouse:

– Everything will go its way, – it says, -we are here to light the way(s) and you are not alone

Sixteen days are left till this stage of one-year writing daily will be finished. And as it usually happened to people, I am exhausted just at the face of a finish line. A few meters are left, and I am close to fall down or to stop.

And there should appear the post on my blog about “how not to be positive”…when you feel differently. When you feel bad – tell about it, talk about it. It is not an invitation to complain constantly, it is an invitation to be honest with yourself and your surrounding. Be honest – more happiness will come naturally.

So here on my blog, instead of posting as a kind of a robot, I want to say to my reader: “I am exhausted, and by telling the truth to you, I am ready to stand up and go further.

I already have an idea how the posts will look like after one year of posting daily: Wednesday for food recipes and Saturday for anything else. Anything else may include but not limited: analysis of scientific articles about nutrition (keto or other diets, toxic elements in food, etc), scientific articles about well-being, sports, gardening, photography, travel, and of course, the Art. In fact, anything else is what surrounds my life. In fact, anything else than the niche topic is the whole life around each of us.

This is the honest letter to those who will read it. By posting a post like this I have a vision to tell widely: I am a human, you are a human, we are humans. All the high standards and perfectionism in the work we are trying to manage are ok, but when you feel the need for just to be and to take breath – make it without any doubts or discomfort towards yourself.

Take care!

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