Do not fool the surrounding by saying “I am OK” / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 343rd.

or how energy vampire finds you to charge

About energy vampires

Many of us would agree and believe that energy vampires do exist. What we are used to confirm is that an energy vampire would drive one’s energy out, that the communication with such a person is hardly bearable and one should avoid the contacts with an energy vampire at any cost, right?

It is probably because I am more concentrated on discovering new truths, another points of view, putting myself mentally under a skin of different characters – yes, probably because of these unusual features you may read a very different truths in my posts about energy vampires and narcissists. Here are my previous articles about energy vampires and narcissists:

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Simple concept of energy flow

Donor is one who donates; acceptor is one who receives.

Natural donor-acceptor relationship happens just because of the principle of the Nature’s law – low energy needs recharge and supply, while excess of energy is donating when needed. Herein, under the term Energy could be anything depending on the vibrational level of the matter. It may be physical, chemical, or spiritual matter. For example, blood, emotional energy, body organ, money, chemical electrons, etc, – all represent different types of a matter.

It is in the nature of Universe to share and take, to receive and supply when in a contact.

Why energy vampire “sucks” only your energy?

Have you noticed, some people really take your energy out, suck it right away?

If you would continue the observation, you may also notice that some other people who have the same possibility to contact with your supposed “vampire” do not have any complaints! How come?

The answer is simple as that: “energy vampire” is just a person who needs energy, and you were identified as one who has it.

When do people need energy?

Some life circumstances, destructive environment, and in some cases a primitive lack of vital vitamins and macro/micro nutrients may affect person’s mood. Within a time, if negative circumstances continue and grow, a person may feel lack of a natural recharge where walking in Nature or prayer, or meditation could help. A person starts to feel lack of energy, but the whirlpool takes him deeper and deeper, where the right escape is no more visible.  

  • Life circumstances:
    • loss of a loved one, loss of work and unemployment, big debts to pay, personal disease, disease of a family member, being a victim of deception or manipulation, robbery, loss of living place…
  • Destructive environment:
    • loneliness, absence of people with whom to talk; communication problems at work with co-workers, or boss, or both; unsafe neighborhood; watching horror or similar movies where violence and bloody scenes prevail; use of stimulants in excess, such as coffee, smoking, sugar, alcohol, which may lead to chronic fatigue; people around talking about problems mainly; spending most of the day time inside the buildings, etc.
  • Lack of vital vitamins and nutrients:
    • While working in a pharmacy for years, I have noticed many times that people with thyroid problems are usually the cause of any kind of groundless scandals, complaints and dissatisfactions. Believe me or not, but what I have learned is that thyroid well-being plays a major role in who we actually are in our lives. Herein, the person himself suffers more and more as years pass by, without a simple understanding that the basic principles of Nature in him are destroyed by himself. Many people imagine themselves as building-creatures, sitting, working and relaxing in building blocks constantly, going outside just with a car or shortly by foot to the nearest park – that is all! These people ignore the natural need for a fresh air and sun within decades. Nature! Nature heals. On the other hand, the dominance of particular chemical elements – fluorine and chlorine – in our environment easily replaces iodine which is the key player for proper thyroid function. Chlorine is everywhere, and in water primarily. Chlorine is in a cup of coffee at a coffee house, in a shower, in a soup, in the veggies which you have cooked. Fluorine is in the most of commercial toothpastes, dental fillings, drinking water which we use constantly within the lives! Excess of both fluorine and chlorine drives out iodine and makes the proper condition to develop iodine deficiency, which therefore leads to thyroid problems.

Well, as you may see, the reasons to develop a lack of energy flow may develop just because we are living in the modern societies!

Where to get energy when in lack?

When the whirlpool of energy deficiency takes too deep, a person starts to grab a tiny stick to remain “on the surface”, in other words, a person grabs what is easiest to take – emotional energy from others.

How the energy which you do not have is taken away?

It is remarkable phenomenon how these days people are trying to look positive and successful, even if they do not feel that way. We mask ourselves as happy and successful, when in fact we are not. Fake positivity may be visible on many faces, while fake success is a dogma for advert-stuffed individuals.

fake positivity and the mask of fake success are very common among advert-stuffed individuals

So, externally people may look as energy-abundant because they put a mask of positivity or endless success on their faces. While in fact there are no or traces of energy left.

This self-deception, which is in parallel a surrounding deception, leads to obvious results – any drop of energy taken from such a “fake OK” person is actually sucks him/her out.

People who manage to recharge themselves easily and are talking truth for themselves and others, how they feel, how they are, – those would recharge themselves easily.

Simple example:

The rain has caught you without an umbrella after a hard work day. In the evening, while cooking a dinner, you managed to burn a finger. You overslept next day, but anyway felt tired. Running to the work as usually, some coffee poured out on clothes and the stain remained. Lastly, the contents of the handbag scattered directly on the sidewalk and the cell phone screen cracked. Opening the entrance door of your working place you SMILE, and when your co-worker asks: “How are you?” You would probably reply with the same fake-shining smile: “I am OK, thanks, and you?”

… with a fake-shining smile: “I am OK, thanks, and you?”

Here we are! Your co-worker has just experienced “similar” circumstances: a drop of coffee is still visible on her blouse, and a new cell phone plan is not as good as she was expected.

But because despite of burned finger and chronic tiredness you are still smiling and shining – that is an external signal that you are ok, you have energy and may share it with those who lacks it. So, your co-worker with thyroid dysfunction and a tiny coffee stain on her blouse has identified you as full of energy. Now she may take some (energy) without any damage to you, as she thinks. Why? Because when someone is in abundance and are able to recharge easily, it is mostly impossible to make him empty.

So, your co-worker would cry and complain about cell phone plan, and her continuous failures. At the same time, as you have made this “fake OK” scenario, you listen to your co-worker’s “failures” and the last drops of energy are taken away…

If one insists to put on a fake smile while the other does not play the games and identifies the first one as his energy donor. That other needs not only the smile, but much more. He will never go to crying and complaining persons, but he will be attracted to that “fake” smiling. Here is how the complaints about “energy vampires” arise – because the victims of circumstances “play on a scene the happy ones” instead of showing a true face, nothing is wrong in it!

Next time instead of putting “fake-OK” mask – just tell how you really feel, bring your physical and mental bodies back to reality, and answer: “Well, today I am more than tired. It seems I may cry any moment because I feel so exhausted, always running from home to work without a break.” Such an honest answer may bring you both to reality, and you may experience yourself with your co-worker walking in Nature next Saturday morning, because yes, you both need a sip of fresh air!

Next time instead of putting “fake-OK” mask – just tell how you really feel

Of course, this is not an invitation to complain constantly. Being true with yourself and others does not mean complaining constantly, ok? But if two would manage to be honest – the wonderful things may happen to both of them.

This is how “energy vampires” appear – because we put a mask of “fake OK”. If one could open his/her mind and heart – lots of frustrating relationships may bloom in the most beautiful way.

When a person is true with himself and others, the energy stays with him when needed and is shared with others when really possible.

The truth is in saying: “Do not fool others, you would only fool yourself”.

Queen – You Don’t Fool Me. Video is taken from Made In Heaven, 1995. From the ‘Made In Heaven: The Films’ collection of 1996.

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