About the efforts we put into the (art)work / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 340th.

Art is never finished, only abandoned.

Leonardo da Vinci
Mandarin skin at the beginning
The same mandarin skin – improved

Now when looking at both versions day after, the simple questions come to my mind: “Was it better before “improvements”? “Should I continue to “improve” it or let it as it is and work on another project?”…

While I was dampened in this dilemma, a friend of mine has lighten up the space. She showed me the possibility of choice: “There is no need to be afraid to finish or to improve further”.

And for the option to improve, I have got a professional pieces of advice from the architect. In regards to my mandarin skins she commented:

  • you might work on the structure of mandarin skin
  • show the volume of skin and volume of mandarin pieces
  • shadows… and so on
  • it is like you know the theory but not applying it. It is like you put a chewing gum into a mouth, but it will not melt by itself – chew it!
  • Anyway, do not stop and continue!

The insight is taken in: “The art is never finished, only abandoned”…

Images and text © Dr. A. Palatronis / www.z-antenna.com

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