Photos of seabird – Great Cormorant / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 339th.

There were an amazing few days when I was watching seabirds visiting the river nearby. I have never seen other seabirds than gull, seagull or crows and swans occupying a seashore. These days were magical…

I do not have any special photo camera to catch beautiful moments from Nature, however, I have a 8x monocular! So, I brought nearer my photo camera (from a mobile phone) to a lens of a monocular, and here we are! Sea birds close up!

Colony of Great Cormorants settled on a river ice
Adjusting a lens of monocular to a phone camera…
Great cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo)

Here we are! Beautiful seabirds close up!

Cormorant feathers get wet quickly in the water, so the bird dries them while standing with the wings spread out.

Two accidents which made me sad about these beautiful seabirds…

People on a river bank have started to feed the birds with white bread. People!!!

One cormorant has caught a plastic fish – a tool of river fishermen and was trying to swallow it. Then I saw one more doing the same, and one more…Birds were taking out from water plastic fishes of different colors: red, neon green, orange…

On a photo: a cormorant, trying to deal with plastic fish

White bread is a killer for any bird

Bread provides no nutrition for birds, it is like an empty filler. Birds could end up being fat and starving at the same time.

There was a guy on a left from me and I stopped him from feeding birds. I explained that white bread is a real death for birds, opened my backpack and threw some wheat grains for pigeons. More so, feeding wild birds is forbidden at all. I told him: “You will enjoy making a few photos when birds will come closer eating your bread and later will go away, but birds will stay with that bread and will probably die, because this is not a food for them. White bread kills”. He has brought two big white breads with him, but they left untouched after my intervention…

Ten-fifteen minutes later a pair was going to do the same – to feed birds with white bread so that to make nice photos. Again I did not allowed them to do so. The lady was surprised: “Why not? What is wrong?” It is a surprising moment, how some people remain ignorant in XXI century and continue to harm Nature. Well, those whom I talked to know now that white bread is a killer for birds. Lets hope they will spread their discovery with their friends and other people too…

Bread is not a bread these days. I would agree that the same bread is an empty filler for people too, letting them to go fat but starving at the same time.

Prophylactic self-isolation for mind and body purification. Day 35th.

Fishermen’s tools pollute Nature

Where do a science and innovations look for? Please create biodegradable bait for those hobby-fishermen. People enjoy their time on a fresh air but at the same time contaminate water and raise a potential risk for river’s life creatures. Would any life creature (including a human!) be happy to swallow plastic??? People!!!


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