Aluminum and breast cancer. Is there an (indirect) link? / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 337th.

Last Friday, on February 5, 2021, we talked about aluminum in human environments, its toxicity, accumulation in a brain tissue and accumulation in bones: Aluminum excess in my body! What about you? / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 330th.

Today, as it was promised, let’s talk about aluminum links with breast cancer.

Aluminum and breast cancer

Why about breast cancer? Just because the topic is already hot and up to now a sufficient amount of clinical and scientific research done. However, as the results of different studies are inconsistent, there are still no clear answer: “Is there a relation between usage of aluminum-based antiperspirants and breast cancer or no?”

The official scientific version states that the levels of aluminum in antiperspirants might not cause breast cancer, because it cannot result an „immediate and high reservoir of aluminum at the skin surface“. The statement is based on numerous studies and in (blog) author’s opinion makes sense. Yes, aluminum itself does not cause breast cancer, HOWEVER…

However, two arguments, which are usually ignored/concealed/overlooked should be taken into consideration:

  1. Cancer tissue develops within years, not immediately
  2. Aluminum is a source of a reason for a cancer, but not a reason itself

Let me explain these two arguments in details so that the reader would get a wider perception of the topic.

Two arguments against aluminum-based antiperspirants

Cancer tissue develops within years, not immediately. Therefore, the statement that breast cancer cannot result in an „immediate and high reservoir of aluminum at the skin surface“ may lack in transferring of the essence of the process.

Commonly, high doses of any (chemical) substances may cause acute intoxication or other acute health disorders. Talking about cancer, which takes years and years to develop, the scientific knowledge telling us that the potentially toxic element aluminum enters a body on “extremely low” concentrations (1), but daily! and within decades!, should warn the common users rather than shielding the evidence under the guise of words’ play.

How blockage of sweat glands evokes breast cancer

Aluminum does not cause breast cancer directly, but the blockage of sweat glands does!

Sweating is a natural daily detoxification of the whole body.

Sweat glands in the armpits work to excrete various daily toxins and residues of metabolic processes in a body. In other words, glands are working to excrete recycled products so that they would not poison the living system.

Sweat glands excrete water, small amounts of minerals (such as sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium), metabolites (such as lactate, ammonia, and urea), and non-metabolized residues of pharmaceutical drugs (2).

When aluminum-based antiperspirants block sweat glands – the sweating process stops, it means that natural daily detoxification process stops. When sweat cannot eliminate by natural ways (through sweat glands to the surface of the skin), all the toxins and metabolites reabsorb (come back) to blood and lymph. No wonder, within the years of using of aluminum-based antiperspirant high amount of unremoved waste circulates and later accumulates in the particular parts (tissues) of the body. 

About natural aluminum stone in antiperspirants

Even when it comes to a “natural” antiperspirant with a “natural” aluminum stone, the natural detoxification on a body stops the same way. Yes, aluminum source could be natural, but when talking about aluminum and human’s health, the term “natural” plays a bear’s service for a common user. People instead of being used to believe in some nonsenses should rather take their time and think critically. Natural aluminum stops sweating the same way and thus blocks the elimination of toxins, leading to their accumulation in the body.

After sweat glands are blocked – daily toxins return into a body and accumulate

Body toxins and metabolites should be naturally excreted through the sweat glands.

Talking about breast cancer specifically, when aluminum-based antiperspirant is applied, toxins return to the lymph and accumulate during the years in lymph nodes. Here, too, breast cancer is an enlargement of the lymph nodes.

The reader sees now that it might be very logic and true that aluminum causes breast cancer indirectly!

Julia Roberts lets Nature to clean a body

You may laugh at her, but Julia is a wise woman

It is a known public fact, actress Julia Roberts does not shave her armpits. I personally have no idea what are her real reasons to do so, but from the health perspective this habit should be recognized as a wise method for a general daily detoxification.

While someone may laugh from Julia, she takes care about herself with wisdom (3)


Nature created hair in an armpit zone to hold impurities, sweet and toxins of metabolism until we wash our body. By destroying this natural pathway of body defense and purification, a backward way is created: now impurities and toxins of a body remain on a surface of the skin and come back into a body through the skin pores. This process is described in details in my previous post: Prophylactic self-isolation for armpits observation. Day 67th.

In the next article about aluminum, next Friday, on February 19, 2021, we will talk about:

  • which testing type is more accurate for detection of an aluminum level in a body;
  • the sources of undesirable aluminum intake in a daily life and
  • how to eliminate aluminum from a body naturally. Stay tuned!


  1. KLOTZ, K., et al. The Health Effects of Aluminum Exposure. Deutsches Arzteblatt International, Sep 29, 2017, vol. 114, no. 39. pp. 653-659 ISSN 1866-0452; 1866-0452.
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  3. Julia Roberts walked the Cannes red carpet barefoot, and we aren’t surprised. Not one bit, photo from

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