Subconscious mind rules / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 336th.

child jumping in a puddle

This article is based solely on the personal experience and observations. You may like it or dislike, agree or disagree, it is your right of course. Anyway, would like to hear your comments!

How does the subconscious mind affect our daily behavior?

If daily situations create our life, then, in fact, how does the subconscious mind affect our life? We will talk here about two facts which I have investigated in details for a long period of time:

1. Subconscious mind does not recognize the direction of an action “do not”

Perception of things on the level of the subconscious mind differs from that of conscious mind. One thing I have noticed that subconscious mind does not recognize the direction of an action “do not”. Let me explain this with some examples from daily situations:

Episode 1: A mother with a child are walking in a park. A mother sees the puddle in front and her child going towards it. She cries: “Do not jump in a puddle!” And as a result a child is jumping right there!

Episode 2: Hot pot in a kitchen. A mother tells to a relative who come to visit the mysterious process of cooking: “Do not touch the pot. It is hot”. And as a result a relative touches it.

Episode 3: You tell to someone: “Do not go there”, and as a result you find that person right there.

Episode 4: “I will not eat chocolate from tomorrow” and as a result you experience yourself eating a double portion of it right away.

Why these things happen constantly? You would not tell that because people are silly. No!

The subconscious mind does not recognize the direction of an action “do not”.

When one tells “Do not jump in a puddle”, the real image you get is a command “Do not jump in a puddle”.

I noticed, wise mothers instead of saying “Do not jump in a puddle” say “Give me a hand” instead of putting a child’s concentration on a puddle.

The same with chocolate. Instead of telling yourself “I will not eat chocolate”, which is understood by subconscious mind as “I will not eat chocolate”, try telling yourself: “From now, I will eat one fresh carrot after each bar of chocolate” and you will be surprised by yourself while chewing a carrot with pleasure!

Instead of repeating to yourself: “I will not eat after 6 pm”, which is understood by the subconscious mind as “I will not eat after 6 pm”, tell this: “I will eat dinner at 5 pm” and experience the difference in the results! Make a task easier for the subconscious mind!

The doubts

Someone may have doubts about this kind of the performance of the subconscious mind. Then just answer for yourself a simple question: “If the conscious mind controls and rules the behavior, then how it is always happening oppositely?”

Really, if the conscious mind is so smart and precise, how does it happen that the body makes thing oppositely?

2. Subconscious mind gets the whole image

The principles of the conscious mind do not allow to perceive the world in a whole.

sunset while sun is still full, going down to river

On the opposite, the subconscious mind absorbs, stores and uses at any time when allowed by the conscious mind, THE WHOLE to what it was exposed in any form, all information and experiences.

The conscious mind processes only a piece of known information at the current situation. It is a common thing to tell someone: “I forgot about it, sorry” or “I cannot remember it”. It is normal for the conscious mind to forget, while the subconscious mind has it always and forever available right there when needed.

This may be explained by an example how some people manage to get out of difficult situations with ease. They “trust themselves”, “listen to themselves”, “listen to their heart”, “trust the universe”, which in fact means they let the subconscious mind to manifest.

Another example is based on the idea how some people are constantly struggling “to be positive”.

After reading my next Thursday’s article, on February 17th, 2021, some attentive readers may give up the idea to “be positive” right here and forever. Stay tuned!

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