A few more fresh winter juices! / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 335th.

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Last Wednesday I posted two recipes of winter juices Unexpected fresh juices for winter time! / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 328th.

And today I need to say, it is not enough!

Why juices? Winter is probably the time to facilitate digestion and boost a physical body with radiant beverages from Nature. Let’s make a nectar of the day!

Today’s recipes are White Cabbage juice and Turbo Cranberry juice!


Before you start

Passive time

Active time

15 min


juicer, fine mesh small strainer



Basic rule: before you start you may wash/clean/peel and drain/dry vegetables, herbs, fruits and other ingredients when needed

ingredientS #1euus
White cabbage300-400 g0.7-09. lb
Long cucumber11
Celery stems3-43-4
Aloe vera slices (optional)3-43-4
List of ingredients for WHITE CABBAGE juice
Ingredients for WHITE CABBAGE juice: apple, lemon, celery stems, cucumber and white cabbage
Freshly made WHITE CABBAGE juice (with Aloe vera)

Why this combination?

Apple with lemon

might seem banal, but in fact it is a golden combination for making right juice product. It matches well with most of veggies and adds some sweetness. Apple + lemon combination does not work with too-sweet fruits like banana, grapes, mango, etc.


Adds watery consistency to the final product and is almost neutral in taste

White cabbage

In fact, this vegetable is the main ingredient here to make a juice something special, but not only a sweet regular drink. All other ingredients work for it.


Great additive. Those who have tried mono-celery juice would definitely confirm, celery stems are good cleansers for a digestion tract. In combination with other ingredients it adds a great taste.

Aloe vera

Improves digestion and beauty of skin. Very good ingredient for morning juices

ingredientS #2euus
Fresh or frozen cranberries300 g0.7 lb
List of ingredients for TURBO CRANBERRY juice
Ingredients for Turbo Cranberry juice: apple, grapefruit and cranberry
Turbo Cranberry juice

Why this combination?

Grapefruit with apple

The same as for lemon with apple, this combination could be kept a golden standard: citrus plus neutral fruit – an apple. Citrus fruits do not match with too-sweet fruits and berries like grapes, banana, mango because different ferments are involved in their digestion. To neutralize a bit the acidic taste of grapefruit and make it sweeter – apple is added.


Sour berries, created by Nature to consume in late autumn and winter. Great source of vibrant vitamins! Dried cranberries are usually boosted with sugar (or with apple juice which was made with sugar) and therefore, eating dried cranberries contributes to refined sugar intake. The recipe in this post is a great opportunity to change the thing for good – no refined sugar for sure!

How to make these juices:

  • Just use a juicer and make a juice of your choice – White Cabbage or Turbo Cranberry juice, but one of this in a day is more than enough.
  • Before juicing, peel a lemon/grapefruit of course:)
  • I use to strain juice after juicing – the taste is better; because small particles of veggies and fruits still appear in a juice if not straining it.

Another juice recipe with cabbage and cranberry was posted last year, you may find it by following the link: Prophylactic self-isolation for garden preparation. Day 12th.


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