Feeding birds in winter time / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 334th.

I like city birds.

I like forest birds coming to visit a city somewhere time to time.

Birds are magic creatures…

Photos of City Birds / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 297th.

Reflections / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 269th.

Paris bird
This pigeon lives in Poland
crows on sand and one crow flying above water
Crow looking at the mirror

Why to take care of birds?

Winter is a proper time to take care of city birds.

Feeding the healthy ones

I know, my kind of philosophy might sound a bit different, but I like to take care of healthy ones. Yes, before they got cold, or injured, or generally poor. This is a kind of prevention: making one strong you simultaneously prevent it from getting weak and poor.

Taking care of poor ones

From the other hand, I worship friends of mine who take their efforts, finances and time to save injured animals and birds. This is the level where, I guess, I have never been…

How to help yourself by helping other creatures / Emotional diet series / Prophylactic self-isolation series/ Day 196th.

Improving your generosity and kind human’s features

Heal your soul from snoberry!

Wild birds would never say you “thanks”, would never recognize you as a friend or a master.

They will eat each other time from the other hands, where the food will be.

They will be afraid of you if feeding them you will make a wrong movement. You will never be let to caress their heads in gratitude to your given food (except of some pigeons, probably:))

Feeding wild birds (crows, swans, sparrows) is a good practice for those with callous heart, for those who require devotion from others for any of a tiny good things they have done.

On the photo above: my purse with “real currency” – the seeds. I take it any time walking in a city, in winter time.

Seeing the spiritual context

From the one more other hand, there is a connection between you and a Bird all the time, and the name to it is God, the Creator.

I probably cannot describe this idea better than Venkateswara Rao Kedarisetty, the Indian writer and lifestyle analyst:

As a responsible social act, knowledge, wealth and food should be shared with others to some extent before enjoying it by the self.

God should not be mistaken as some idol alone. Everyone and every being are a form of God. Therefore, food should be offered to others before we eat ourselves.

Symbolically, food offered to God, is fed to others who are less fortunate than you. It can be fellow human beings, birds, animals etc. Then the balance food is eaten as God’s prasad.

Venkateswara Rao Kedarisetty

From the post: Honor the moment before eating / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 203rd.

So, we work for good from the different perspectives, or even may join them!

What to know feeding city birds in winter?

Back to the city birds in winter.

Birds may find food for themselves at any time of a year, except the periods when the temperature goes too low:

  • when the soil is frozen and/or
  • a snow layer complicates a possibility to search for food sources.

Therefore, it is a right time to feed birds in winter and put feeders at a balcony or close to a house.

Here are my joyful efforts:

Ducks eat grains in a joyful manner: they take the grains into a beak and if the water source is close then moisten grains with water before swallowing. Dominant males and females may be clearly noticed: they drive away other ducks!
For pigeons it is a true that food for them is coming right form the sky. They know it, but also recognize the presence of someone big related to food source (a human). Generally, they are not afraid of a human
This noble pigeon is a dominant one. He drives away any other bird (crows or other pigeons) and eats all by himself! Hey guy, I put the grains in a feeder to feed you all, not the only one!
For the small ones. I put some grains for small birds in another corner of a balcony so that they may get food too. The presence of big birds (like pigeons or crows) make it impossible for small birds to feed. Therefore, feeders are usually occupied by big ones, while in fact we expect the small ones there. Another place should be found, better without a feeder, just simply putting grains there. Small smarties will find it quickly!
A kind of a feeding ball (bought in a pet shop) may be added to a ratio. Hi there, enjoy! P.S. You see green plants on a front ground – they are from inside the apartment:)
Here we are! A smart pigeon also found grains on a floor in snow! Enjoy it too!

Two important details I must stress here:

  1. when talking about “food should be shared with others to some extent” the meaning is to share Food. For birds, any flour-based baked product is a slow (painful) death. Please do not share your bread with birds! Birds need grains and seeds – the products of Nature. We, people, should take an example from birds and eat grains instead of flour – the refined white killer of a gut.
    1. The modern French artist sees it too: Prophylactic self-isolation for mind and body purification. Day 35th.
    2. Flour-based products create mucus and it clogs a human from sinuses to gut and vice versa within the life! Majority of us who are hooked on it would never recognize the fact, but at least one person will get it in mind. It would be enough to continue taking the humanity out of the mucus era.
  2. If you put a feeder on a balcony – do remember, now is your responsibility to refill it daily. Once they found, birds remember the place and return to it the next day. If they get used to the place and have no food there for a couple of days – they might weaken and get cold, or even die. Take care if you take care!

Should I stop feeding birds in spring?

When the winter will be finished and the temperature will rise – time to stop feeding city birds! Why? For not to make a bear‘s service again! (as in the situation with flour). There are two main reasons to perceive and not feed birds in late spring/summer/early autumn time.

Two reasons to stop feeding city birds REGULARLY in spring / summer / autumn:

  1. Permanent feeding in spring/summer/late autumn disturbs instincts of migrant birds and induces their settlement in inappropriate geographical places.
  2. Feeding in spring time disturbs sexual behavior of male birds. They become feeling secure in regards to food and become quaintly lazy, start to emit less pheromones and pay less attention to females. This, therefore, negatively impact on a reproduction season (this knowledge I learned from a friend of mine who read about it in a local newspaper). Good to know! Maybe humans should also be not overfed?..

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