Photos from the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition. Crete 2009 / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 332nd.

We visited the exhibition unexpectedly. Sun, beach and relax were the main goals for the week in Crete, but…who will refuse such a possibility! Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) is considered one of the most diversely talented individuals ever!

The exhibition “Leonardo Da Vinci – Inventor and Scientist” was organized by the Municipality of Gouves with the support of the Cretaquarium (EL.KE.THE) and the organizational responsibility of the ALPHA EXHIBITION.  

Link to the exhibition which I found recently:

My photo camera barely did its function to make photos in a room, but it is all I can share years later:)

Paddle Boat model of Leonardo da Vinci’s scientific studies

The boat is propelled by using two pedals, which are linked by a belt to a reciprocating-motion device. A mechanism transforms the reciprocating motion into continuous rotary motion in order to turn the paddles.
Leonardo was also interested in nautical studies (diving suits, submarines, underwater-attack devices to use against enemy ships, etc.) and developed some very original ideas (1, 2)

Aerial Screw

Perhaps the first-ever model of a helicopter. By turning the screw very fast, a spiral of air will form beneath it, taking the whole structure upward (3)


Leonardo’s parachute consists of sealed linen cloth held open by a pyramid of wooden poles, each around 22 feet long. In 2000, skydiver Adrian Nicholas built and tested Leonardo’s design, successfully jumping from a hot-air balloon. He found the ride to be smoother than that of modern parachutes. However, the heavy weight of the Da Vinci shoot, which weighed more than 90 kg, would have made landing very dangerous for all but the most experienced sky diver (3)

Ornithopter – the Flying Machine

Observation of birds allowed to construct the flying machine for human beings to fly through the air just like birds. The wings were designed in such a way that they would be twisted when they flapped (4)

Golden Horn Bridge model

Swing Bridge model

This bridge model was part of Leonardo’s vision for a city in which canals played an important role for drainage and transport. With 90-degree rotation around a large vertical hinge, the single-span bridge would allow boats to pass along the canal when open (5)

Rule of Trees

Schematic from Leonardo da Vinci’s notebook illustrates his coined “Rule of Trees”.
It suggests that if you fold all the branches of a tree upward, they will combine to create a continuation of the trunk with the same surface area (6)


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