Please do not laugh, it is my English at the age of 12! / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 331st.

Recently I found my school notebooks. Wow, that was me, writing with a pen on paper! Now we use mostly a computer writing, now we learn from a computer (internet).

How was it decades ago? I was creating verses in English! And please note, English is not my mother tongue.

Here are those “masterpieces”, inspired by Nature and Wizard of Oz. I left them here with all the grammar and other absurd mistakes done. However, at the age of 12 I was in the process of learning this language!

How to plant a tree

– Do you know how to plant a tree?

– I don’t know. Can you tell me?

– Yes I am. But now I want

To tell you, how take care of trees.

If you want, trees will be good,

Don’t miss anything in the wood*.

I think, if you do it

The trees will be good.

And they will give you

A lot of fruits!

* Meaning: don’t litter in the forest

* Meaning: do not litter in the forest


Dorothy was a little girl

Who lived in little house.

And there was Toto –

Little dog.

She loved him very much.

This girl appeared in the town

That name was Emerald City

She melted Witch of the West

And Oz was very pleased her.

So Oz took home this little girl.

Toto was also going with her.

Cowardly lion

The cowardly lion was very afraid

Of birds and of animals too.

When bird flew away

He thought it was wind.

And when the weather was bad

He thought it was a Wicked.

He thought that he was

As a coward.

And this coward lion

Was very he pleased when Oz gave him an advice.

By posting this etudes of my early “poetry” publicly, my goal is to show that for the creation there are no place to worry about the “right result”, because there are no right and no wrong. Continue, improve and be happy:)

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