Unexpected fresh juices for winter time! / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 328th.

Drop intro

We used to strengthen immunity during the winter time, however, it might be relevant all year round. Here below I present two fresh-juice recipes, based on black radish and red cabbage. Fasten the seatbelts, these are turbo beverages!


Before you start

Passive time

Active time

15 min


juicer, fine mesh small strainer



Basic rule: before you start you may wash/clean/peel and drain/dry vegetables, herbs, fruits and other ingredients when needed

ingredientS #1euus
Black radish11
List of ingredients for BLACK RADISH juice
Ingredients for Black radish juice: carrot, black radish, apple
Strain your fresh juices!
Black radish juice for fresh winter morning!

ingredientS #2euus
Red cabbage, one small head around400 g0.9 lb
List of ingredients for RED CABBAGE juice
Ingredients for Red cabbage juice: apple, mandarin, red cabbage
Red cabbage juice

How to make it:

  • Just use a juicer and make a juice of your choice – Black radish or Red cabbage juice, but one of this in a day is more than enough.
  • Before juicing, peel lemon and mandarins, of course:)
  • I use to strain juice after juicing – the taste is better; because small particles of veggies and fruits still appear in a juice if not straining it.


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