How to keep herbs fresh / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 327th.

Green herbs like

  • parsley
  • dill
  • scallions

could be kept fresh for around a week on a wall!


  1. Add a little water to a glass
  2. Put a handful of herbs in a glass. one type of herb – in one glass, do not mix different species in one glass
  3. Spray fresh water on herbs using atomizer once or two times per day (in the morning and evening)
  4. Change water in glasses once per day
  5. When changing water, sort out single herbs to remove damaged ones

P.S. 1 Parsley and dill, also coriander (cilantro) are the best herbs to keep fresh in this way. You may place the glasses with herbs on a counter, or construct a kind of “green wall”.

P.S. 2 Scallions, if keeping for longer, produce a kind of a bit unpleasant, “oniony” smell. Be sure to change water regularly to avoid this situation.

Joyful and easy way to keep herbs fresh!

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