Acoustic art and its influence on life / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 324th.

So let’s never underestimate the power of music to bring people together.”

Madonna (1)

I have already posted about my personal influences in visual art as for sculpture and literature.

Today it is a time to write about my influences in the acoustic art. And here I stopped. Although I have finished music school and played violin and piano a few decades ago, my daily life is out of sounds. I mean, if the environment depends on me then I keep it in silence. I listen to silence most of the time when being at home. This is true for more than 15 years, I guess.

Of course, I like music, classic and pop music. I adore the genius of Andrea Bocelli, Michael Jackson, Freddy Mercury, Madonna, and I keep the three last as a modern classics for myself. I do liked rock, light metal and trance music, such as ATB.

Andrea’s Bocelli active influence on the disease

Without actually learning Italian, I learned by heart lyrics of a few songs by Andrea Bocelli. So now any time I wish –we can sing together. And more… at times difficult for me, during a long illness years years ago, I sang these songs loudly, even more loud that the master on a high volume of a player, for months, alone at home, with him singing together. That were the performances of two in one. Sorry for those neighbors, but hope they liked the music too (and my vocal, cause I sang with all my heart, lungs and throat, and my mind involved). So, I exhaled, extracted and took out the soul of the illness in such a way that only the physical body was necessary to heal later.

Lana del Rey

Taking most recent young artists, Lana del Rei took my attention for a good piece of time a few years ago, since…since the violence and blood appeared in her video clips, sad she turned that way.

Rey means “king” in Spanish. Lana del Rey (born in 1985, true name Elizabeth Woolridge Grant) is American singer-songwriter.

Her a few-octave vocal and solutions of visualization of music were outstanding for my perception, still can go into deepness of those songs again. Interestingly, while visiting USA during my internship at the university, those American students whom I asked did not know her.

Lana Del Rey – Summertime Sadness (Official Music Video). August 23, 2013

Acoustic art

Pronounced word is a part of the acoustic art. Here one can find himself blissful, relaxed, pleased, or frightened, confused and lost – it all depends on the Sound heard. It depends on the Sound when YOU listen, but when you choose what will fill in your environment, your space around your ears – then one could become a master of his/her day and destiny.

Remember the fairytale from “One Thousand and One Nights”? The man was told by the elder: “Plug your ears on the way to the mountain top, because those voices will try to break and despise you within your journey constantly. You will turn to a stone as many others once you get confused and turn back”.

Carlos Paredes

Carlos Paredes (1925-2004) – a virtuoso Portuguese guitar player and composer of all-time. He was born in Coimbra, Portugal and from his childhood was taught to play the Portuguese guitar by his father. His grandfather, and great-grandfather were guitarists too. His genre of music is Fado, for which I would like to dedicate a separate post in the future.

Guitar piece Nas asas de saudade – (Engl. In the wings of longing). The song evokes fathomless, hard to tears sense of longing, longing for the motherland where I have never been, or have been so long ago that do not remember it, but just have the feeling inside myself that I was there, in the motherland of happy beginning, somewhere across the oceans of life… Anytime I listen to his pieces, tears may appear on my face, tears of my soul, because I miss Portugal no less than the voyagers did…

Guitar play. One of the comment below the play: “A tua musica leva-me a mundos desconhecidos, serás eterno , és mundo de emoções de todos os Portugueses” (Engl. Your music takes me to unknown worlds, you will be eternal, you are a world of emotions for all Portuguese).

Carlos Paredes is a world of emotions for all Portuguese, and for all the people who knows you, dear Artist (blog author’s note).

Pedro Ambrunhosa

Pedro Ambrunhosa (born 20 December 1960) is a Portuguese singer, musician and songwriter. From the first chords, music takes me into the deepness of a horizon above the Ocean, the Ocean which is ready to go sleep under the cover of reddish clouds. An inimitable feeling of floating above the water surface, the mind takes the physical body into a trip and allow to feel weightlessness and eternity.

432 hz healing music

432 hz DNA Healing/Chakra Cleansing Meditation/Relaxation Music. Sound track presented by Ralf Smart. I wrote a post about 432 hz music, if you are interested.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson (1964-2009) – American singer and songwriter. Who does not know him? The power of inner voice and messages sent, the phenomenon of devotion to music and human being.

Michael Jackson Greatest Hits || Michael Jackson Playlist Of All Songs 2020

Ana Carolina

Ana Carolina (born in 1974) is a Brazilian singer, songwriter and musician.

Freddy Mercury


After Madonna’s symbolic and controversial performance at Eurovision 2019, the mass media was all in to take the attention of people on a few vocal mistakes. To take the attention off the meaning, which was even deeper than the call for Israel-Palestine unity. Just take a look.

“Look at all the delegates — everybody is here from all over the world,” she said. “And the thing that brings all of these people together is music. So let’s never underestimate the power of music to bring people together.” (1)

The sound to remind about the past

Acoustic art is not only the music pieces. Here is the example from Latvia where the sound of the past takes the listener into the skin of those who suffered.

Salaspils Memorial

Salaspils Memorial is located on the site of the Salaspils Camp, erected by the occupying Nazi regime and that was in operation from 1941-1944 (2)

Salaspils Memorial, Latvia

At the exterior of the Memorial, a sound installation of beating heart is made. So, when you walk around the statues, you hear the beats of heart from all around, steady and endless, one heart. It makes a deep impression on a visitor, cause now you not only visualize, but seems like you hear those who have suffered here years ago.

The sound for creation

But wait. Just a few days ago the music came into my routine as a necessity. I started to paint a new etude with acrylics, and music seemed to be a great companion:

What kind of music/sound fills in your day?


  1. Madonna Calls For Unity, Urges World To “Wake Up” At Eurovision Song Contest by Anita Bennett, May 18, 2019, available online:

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