Life philosophy at the age of 15 / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 322nd.

I found my notebook from secondary school times. I flip through the pages and wonder…who has written this? Me?…

Here below are my thoughts written at the age of 15. I found my old notebook and now present its content for you. Seems nothing has changed in the perception of life. Just wondering, how that all was clear for me at the teen age?…

What is the meaning of life and human purpose?

Man is not born to perish

Life is not given for the purpose to be killed.

Since ancient times, people have wondered about the meaning of life and the purpose of man. But, as you know, lots of people – lots of opinions. Therefore, there is no single formula for life. It all depends on how you look at it.

If we look at the world through rose-colored glasses, we see the beauty and harmony of the world around us. And everyone tries to put something of their own in this beautiful, carrying through their whole life the light of beauty and love to people.

“Beauty will save the world” (a saying attributed to F.M. Dostoevsky) – this is the real meaning of life, and the purpose of a person is to bring this beauty of inner and outer world to people.

But, opening our eyes and looking at the world over rose-colored glasses, we already see a crumbling harmony. In all kinds of problems and negative emotions the beauty is no longer visible, harmony does not attract. People are looking for storms in a glass of water, new ways of developing their “I” and their lives. In such a world, the main thing is a self-improvement and the desire to be better and cleaner against the background of mixed feelings: love and hate, good and evil, mercy and cruelty.

In such a world, harmony is replaced by the search for that very lost harmony. And here a person plays an important role as a seeker of goodness, justice and truth in life, fighting and trying to overcome evil, hatred and lawlessness.

In such a world, harmony is replaced by the search for that very lost harmony.

Now, do not be afraid and try to completely remove these rose-colored glasses. The life is now in front of you as it really is. That is, built on self-interests, envy, vices and deceit. Life is a game. And in this senseless life, everyone tries to take a place under the sun, bringing their personal needs to the fore.

In this case, a person plays the role of a consumer and sees the meaning of life only in satisfying his own needs.

So, summing up, we can say for sure that one could look at life through rose-colored glasses, seeing beauty and bringing goodness to people. Others are still afraid to take off these glasses, look over them, understanding the imperfect and sinful life and trying to make it better. And the third ones? For various reasons and circumstances, they see a cruel life with glimpses of good, but not paying their attention to that tiny good. Therefore, they get up to fight for their own existence.

Each of those three is right, each one is guilty/wrong as well. It all depends on the person and his outlook on life.

What were your thoughts about the life at the age of 15?…

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