Mendace veritas or The Truth is in Lie/ Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 315th.

or how to convert hopeless (daily) situation into impossible favorable reality

Well, if not going too deep into philosophy of the Münchhausen trilemma which reveals that any theory of knowledge cannot be certain and that all beliefs are unjustified, then just take a look to this super positive, cheerful and resourceful human – Baron Munchausen:

The Baron pulls himself up by his hair:

Episode from the classic film “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen” by Terry Gilliam

Despite all the official theory about Baron Munchausen phenomenon, I always used to think that the episode of Baron pulling himself up by his hair from a swamp (as in the original version) is about self-help when drowning in the circumstances.

Painting by Oskar Herrfurth (1862 – 1934), a German painter and illustrator

On another campaign, Münchhausen wanted to ride over a swamp, but got so deep that he should have perished. By the strength of his own arm he pulled himself out of the mud by the pigtail and the animal, wedged between his knees (1)


Some days may seem to be unbearable or harsh, or what’s ever.

On such days just remember Baron Munchausen who has made impossible as real. On such days take yourself out of that day experience as Baron did.

Just transfer the body, the mind and intentions in the impossible favorable future and make it real!


  1. What Is The Münchhausen Trilemma? online article:

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The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen

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