Those who follow Wim Hof #2/ Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 306th.

Walking on cold air

That was my third time exposing my physical (and probably mental) bodies to cold air. The first try I kept just for myself and did not post about it (it was around 7 C / 45 F, no wind and the walk continued for 50 min).

My second try is described in the post Those who follow Wim Hof #1 / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 292nd two weeks ago.

The third one I had this Sunday, walking along the seashore, with the temperature 0 C / 32 F and the wind 18 km / h which brought the feeling of -4 C / 25 F. I walked along the seashore for 56 minutes with shorts and sport bra only. Well, let’s include gloves and shoes too:) I carried a backpack, but would feel much better without it, because now my back was somehow separated from all possible fresh air.

While walking along the seashore

I relaxed and walked along the beach without any trembling or feeling cold, inside me it was warm. When the wind started to blow strongly, I just continued.

The skin started to get red around 20 minutes after the beginning.

I was shaking my head with hair time to time, as metal music listeners do, to get some fresh air to it – great feeling to refresh your own bio-antennas from electronic devices!

The sign to finish walking on cold air

I did not look for a time, just for my feelings. Lastly I started to realize – this is the same feeling like last time – the muscles near wrists were like from stone, swollen and frozen. This is a sign to finish.

My hands are just with a few muscles and without obvious subcutaneous fat layer, and they were getting frozen after around an hour on cold air, the wrist area.

I washed my hands, face and armpits with seawater and put clothes back.

After the walk

Again, as after the second time, after I got dressed, all the body started to tremble strongly. The physical body did not want a hot tea, it needed just an adaptation time.

I ran again on the spot, one time, one more, and again, and again. While after my second time I went directly to home, this time I was in the forest close to the sea and the exposure to cold weather continued for a few hours more.

I walked through the forest, all in deep trembling. However, it was the reaction of the physical body – inside I felt warm. The hands seemed to suffer most. It was quite difficult to bend the fingers. But I knew, it is a temporary effect.  

Other physical feelings to mention?

  • A need to yawn and belching from deep inside (the same belching was after the second try, so, it might be something to know and be expected to)
  • I started to feel my breath, I now breath naturally much deeper than anytime before
  • My cheeks are healthy red/pink now (the sign I thought is possible only for the cartoon characters and never for the city dweller as me)
  • Lastly, I felt a need to push the belly strongly to the spine while breathing out, as much as possible and for a few times. First I felt a kind of light sharp pain (probably my stomach was not expecting such an action), but lately it got comfortable and I massaged it this way for some time.

Next day

Next day all the body was covered in feeling of deep relaxation. It was not fatigue, but deep relaxation as after a good sauna. Yes, the same as after a good sauna, I just wanted to rest.

After my second time which described in previous post, I made a kind of mistake (well, it is actually a sort of personal experience rather than a mistake). So, in the evening after walking on cold early morning, I went to Aerial dance – a type of sport requiring strength and endurance. I managed to sport hardly, it was hard even to climb. Now I understand – after walking on cold – time to relax only!

The most important notes

  1. This post is for reading, not for following my example
  2. To warm up before exposure to cold air is a big mistake, because the physical body will just spread its warmth into air loosing the energy. One might start the walk as he/she is, without any warm ups
  3. Not only the constipation is a cause of getting cold quickly (as already mentioned in my previous post), but also a common overeating. If the body is overfed at the moment of the exposure to cold air – no wonders to get cold. Why? Because the body’s energy is concentrated now in a stomach and cannot manage with two tasks at once – to digest and to regulate body’s temperature at a highly possible level.

If this is still not clear, watch this video of Wim Hof at the minute 3:40-3:50 to perceive:

Iceman Wim Hof Throwback | A day with Wim in 1998. An old TV piece showing you a day in the life of Wim Hof back in Amsterdam, 1998.

Any cough? Any cold???

This is why I ask you not to repeat. I usually got cold anytime I walked on a cold weather without a scarf, but now! Now I am flour-free for the second year. Yes, flour-free.

Flour, along with other types of mucus produces all the symptoms of cough. No flour – no cough possible. Haha, you may say you do not eat flour now (as a friend of mine said to me) and I asked in reply: “For more than a half of a year, 100% sure?” Of course not. Just for some time without bread, but it is always something from flour we have.

So there are any signs of cold or cough for me, because the most important favor one could do for him/herself is to keep the physical body flour-free. Not just from refined flour, from ANY whole grain flour too. Whole grain flour plays a role of a loving aunt who cannot withstand the scene of a baby losing his favorite candy.

Whole grain flour plays a role of a loving aunt who cannot withstand the scene of a baby losing his favorite candy

Walking on cold for improving my health

Now I feel a bit catching up with my plants which were exposed to fresh air till the beginning of December, read the post Impact of fresh air on plants / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 271st.

Now I feel how all the Nature creatures might feel when the winter comes.

They are all still there, exposed to cold during days and nights, even if their feathers are thinner in winter and even if they know where to hide from a severe winter wind.

They are so feeling fresh! And for Nature creatures coming spring is definitely a bigger joy and celebration than for box-inhabitants as we, humans, are.

How often?

Since now, I have repeated my walks on cold every two weeks. I am thinking to make it once per week, and to add running 3-5 km other time with the same cloth set: shorts and sport bra (I already run a few km like this to try, again, just a great feeling).

Educate yourself

I would probably repeat, but this is important. Reading a few posts, even reliable articles, is not enough to repeat on yourself any practice.

Since I am interested in COLD from my early 15 (but mostly in the practices of exposure to cold water), with continuous practice, failures and winning moments, I entered the world of cold air just at once probably because I was ready for it, but did not realized it is there and possible. I watched the first video with Wim Hof just a few weeks ago and it was just a stimulus, all the things were already in me, ready to go.

Anyway, I am waiting for my ordered book by Wim Hof Becoming the Iceman, because a good reading is always a good reading:)

You may find this and other my recommended book on the Shop page of this blog

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