Submarine photos and “what have I heard about it” / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 304th.

yellow submarine standing on a ground

“We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine”, – words from the song of the legendary rock band The Beatles.

Photo from Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, August 2019

Yellow Submarine (1966) by Beatles

Years ago I worked in one pharmacy, and our cleaner was coming time to time, after her work, with her little son.

Her son was around five years old, with blond thin hair, very lean. He was non-talkative and looked to all around with eyes big. The lady was usually buying drugs for heart support, prescribed by a doctor. She told us it is for her son. Her son! Five-years old boy?! Yes.

The story was as that: “Her husband served on a submarine and as it was freezing cold all the time, he used to warm his feet on some kind of heating element. However, that heating element was not a heating element to warm a body parts, but a kind of radiator which emitted radiation. This was the reason for the mutation in his sexual hormones, which lead later to innate heart disorders to his son.

Another story from a submarine (just a drop of human’s experience, probably from the same lady I remember now it) was about the fact that before going to sleep, solders from a submarine were going for a 30 min walk on a coast.

river view with concrete path on a left

It was freezing cold, -25 C / -15 F, but they needed to go outside for a walk. However, the sleep after was always deep, giving rest and strengthening.

Submarine base in Karsiborz, Świnoujście, Poland (1)

The last story (this one I probably read online when was looking for the ways to quit smoking), was about a man who quit smoking just in one day. This was the day when he started his duty on a submarine.

black submarine half in water, with a ships on the left and right

Yes, it is not allowed to smoke on a submarine, and the guy has quitted smoking just in one day without any withdrawal symptoms!

 İnciraltı Naval Museum, Izmir, Turkey

He said it was as a click – no possibilities to smoke means he will not smoke, and his brain re-programmed itself on a subconscious level to live without nicotine.

No need to say he started to feel healthier and never came back to the chronic poison he used for years before.



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