Influences in literature. What’s new? / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 303rd.

What I have l’earned from online illustration course

I l’earned lots of new things about the world around from Adolfo Serra, the painter and illustrator (from the online course which I still did not finish). He opened the unknown whole world of art, his influences in visual art, art history, great painters and other art creators whom I did not know before.

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Recently I asked myself a question: “What are MY influences in art?” The question left me dumb, because it appeared hard to answer. Really, what are my influences in art?

I realized, I know so little that cannot sparkle with extraordinary examples. However, who knows the whole thing?

If not googling to make my answer pretty good, here after I just open my mind and heart to tell you what had (have) an impact on my world view. Here below are the authors in literature who have impressed me deeply, or let’s say, left an imprint and formed my worldview in some way.


Ernest Hemmingway

Ernest Hemmingway (1899-1961) – American journalist, novelist and sportsman, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1954. While reading his novels one is moved to the scenes of the story so vividly and clear as you are there: the things come slowly as in natural way.

Hemmingway’s novels open the world places where one has never been but now you know, you feel – you were there with him.

Painting by the unknown author

One person whom I know told me about The Old Man and the Sea – “This story is nothing, it did not change my life, not worth to read at all”. Sorry to hear the voice of a shrink heart, I thought… why should EACH book change your life? If so, how many books do you intent to read for dramatic changes, one, two, ah? Is it (life) so bad that you are constantly thinking to change it? And if it (the book) may change the life just by reading it, are you really sure in which hands you are now to experience these changes for unknown?

For me “The Old Man and the Sea” is one of the greatest pieces I’ve ever read, it comes deep into. The sea vast, the big fish making circles around the boat, the fight of an old man with sharks in the darkness of night, “I went out too far…”, – the words of the Old Man.

The book did not change my life (why should?), it added a new savor to it, a new value of life’s perception, and practical knowledge: a prudent fish makes circles when in threat!

Other works of this bright author, which I could read with a pleasure even once again are: The Dangerous summer, A Moveable Feast, Islands in the Stream.

Ivan Yefremov

Ivan Yefremov (1908-1972) – the Soviet-time science fiction writer and paleontologist. The breathtaking adventures and mysterious puzzle games as a background of a stories.

Minor planet (2269) Efremiana was discovered 1976 by N. S. Chernykh and named in memory of Ivan Antonovich Efremov (1)

The photo from Pexels is solely illustrative and does not represent real view of Efremiana

The writer turns to incomprehensible and mysterious natural phenomena, shows the characters of courageous, active people, multinational relationship, manipulations and cluster of dark forces, Nature, diamonds, treasures, love and faith. His works were translated to many languages, including English.

For sure, the novels Razor’s edge, At the Edge of Oikoumene, or Thais Athenian would not left a sharp curious mind without a feed.

Mika Waltari

Mika Waltari (1908-1979) – the Finnish writer. I have read just one of his book, the best-selling historical novel The Egyptian (or Sinuhe the Egyptian).

The core and the face of a military driving force, politics, medicine, the relations among people, not found love, marketing, devotion and friendship, intrigues and insanity of royal people – seems that the story is valid not only for the ancient times of Egypt.

One who would read The Egyptian would be able to draw numerous parallels for the world around and skillfully navigate in the world of People.

Photo of Tutankhamun, ancient Egyptian pharaoh. Photo from the exhibition in Budapest, March 2019

So pity, I lost my book. In fact, I borrowed it to someone, but during those times when I worked too much at a pharmacy, I forgot to take it back, then moved to another city, and it is gone… Anyway, what I have read is still with me:)

Books mentioned:

The Old Man and the Sea: The Hemingway Library Edition The Dangerous Summer A Moveable Feast: The Restored Edition Islands In The Stream Thais of Athens by Ivan Yefremov (2011-05-27) The Egyptian

In German:

Sinuhe der Ägypter: Historischer Roman (German Edition)

In French:

Sinouhe L Egyptien (Folio) (French Edition)


  1. (2003) (2269) Efremiana. In: Dictionary of Minor Planet Names. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg.

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