Sitting till a stage of addiction / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 302nd.


Sitting has become a rod of modern civilization as people forgot their true dance traditions to keep the body active and healthy. We catch hold of sitting activities like education, leisure in front of TV and car driving. For what cost?

Who are really poor, Bangladeshi or one from the Western society?

Light talk which has provoked deep discussion

Once we were talking about newly bought clothes and suddenly the talk turned around to the “poor people who produce these clothes at Bangladesh at a minimal cost”. My talker was sure, people in Bangladesh are poor and exploited by financial magnates and foreign investors. All their problems, according to my talker, were originated from the fact that they are not educated.

As not to be deep in the topics where we both have really no clue how the things are truly going, I switched the topics and replied: “Who knows, maybe people in Bangladesh are happier then us, especially because they are not educated. In fact that means they do not stuff their heads with tons of “critically important information” and they do not sit for hours at the desk.

As a highly educated person, I could personally confirm, education means the progress for the brain and degradation for the opposite side – backside.

Unnaturally prolonged sitting as a cause of infertility

As the modern Western society is getting highly infertile – here is one of the silent reason for it. Pelvis – the lower part of the trunk of the human body – primarily contains reproductive organs and the rectum. If it is not properly used and forgotten (sitting for hours on a backside) – do not be surprised to have difficulties with reproduction (valid both for males and females).

More so, those women who carry out an active lifestyle not sitting for hours at one place usually have no difficulties with giving childbirth, because constipation increases intraabdominal pressure in pregnancy, in other words, chronic constipation causes such much pain and blocks the ways out (1).

Here is the YouTube video by PhD student from India who explains sitting – the silent addiction – in details.

Where we sit?

  • driving a car
  • working on a computer
  • surfing on internet on a mobile phone
  • relaxing with a cup of coffee
  • playing table games
  • working hours at the office
  • in guests
  • waiting for any service at offices (doctors, banks, other)
  • eating
  • sitting when tired
  • watching TV
  • running online business
  • blogging:)

Sitting culture close up

1. Sitting: The Silent Addiction | Pritam Poddar | TEDxRIT

The effect sitting has on our bodies: how prolonged sitting can be seen as the, “smoking generation.”

2. Table games. Bingo

A regular session typically lasts about 3 – 3 ½ hours. Afternoon sessions offer a 10 min intermission to get up, stretch, and grab a bite to eat. The Evening sessions offer a 10 min intermission and a 5 min break (from

Electronic Bingo game, photo by Ramon FVelasquez on

Dance as a tradition of people around the world to be followed and not forgotten

Top 10 Best Traditional Dances in Africa

In this video we shall be taking you on a tour around Africa and we shall be shining the light shine top 10 best traditional dances in Africa. African dance refers mainly to the dance of Sub-Saharan Africa, and more appropriately African dances because of the many cultural differences in musical and movement styles. African dance utilizes the concept of as well as total body articulation. Dances teach social patterns and values and help people work, mature, praise or criticize members of the community while celebrating festivals and funerals, competing, reciting history, proverbs and poetry; and to encounter gods. African dances are largely participatory, with spectators being part of the performance. With the exception of some spiritual, religious or initiation dances, there are traditionally no barriers between dancers and onlookers (text from the corresponding YouTube video)

Indian Dance from Movie–Bride and Prejudice–斗气爱上你

The love stories of the whole generations in India are built on dance and singing

Wedding Indian dance

How much of us do know their cultural dances as Turkish people do?

Paris Eyfel Kulesi Önünde Horon. Common men dancing in Paris, France. July 14, 2017

Traditional Belly Dance of Egypt – عرض رائع لفرقة سوهاج للرقص الشعبى

What we are presenting in this video is not the erotic belly dance that many tourists crave for. But we are featuring the traditional folk dance of Egypt by one of the prominent groups performing that art in Egypt right now, namely ‘SOHAG’ folk dance group (text from the video description)

The Bélé | Folk Dances of Trinidad & Tobago

Bélé (Belle Aire) Folk dance of Trinidad and Tobago. The dance we now know as the bélé, known to the French then as the Bel Air, was performed by women during social events in the planters’ great houses. The slaves who worked in or around these houses quickly copied the style and dress, and later added the African Congo influence to reflect strong Congo overtones. The bélé strongly reflects influences from African fertility dances. The term bélé also refers to a kind of drum found on Dominica, Martinique and St Lucia. The rhythmic quality of the bélé drums add spicy and yet subtle sensuality to the movements. There are more than 14 types of bélé dances including the Grand bélé and Congo bélé, with each performed to its own rhythms and chants (text from the corresponding video)

I would like to finish this post with Tango – traditional Argentinian dance, which, however, is well-known all over the world

The Tango – Scent of a Woman (4/8) Movie CLIP (1992) HD

When did you dance last time?


1. ABRAHIM, M. Hypothesis: Chronic Constipation as a Proposed Modifiable Risk Factor for Preeclampsia. Medical Hypotheses, 20201108, Nov 8, 2020. pp. 110373 ISSN 1532-2777; 0306-9877.

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