New Year to be free / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 295th.

Signs before New Year not to ignore

The period before NEW 2021 Year was full of signs with the same pattern. When the next sign showed up – I realized, that is something to think about. To think and to make conclusions.

Starting from two weeks before New Year, the things have started to break, one by one: washing machine, couch in the hallway, ceramic cooking pot, unbreakable professional garlic press, candle holder, and lastly, on December 30th – my mobile phone!

What kind of signs have I perceived from this cascade of breaks?

Washing machinejust old one which is already changed to a new  
Couch in the hallwaythe same old as washing machine, and waiting to be changed  
Ceramic cooking potdon’t buy from non-professional producer  
Garlic pressstop eating garlic in a New Year  
Candle holderI already have a new set, so probably it was time to go for the old one  
Mobile phonerevise your contacts

From all this list just two things raised the question for me: “Why?” That is garlic press and mobile phone.

Garlic press

My readers probably noticed, I try to reduce the amount of garlic used in cooking. Also there are a few posts about harmful, central nervous system stimulating effect of garlic. Anyway, I use it time for recreating the “traditional” taste.

My post about garlic affecting nervous system: Prophylactic self-isolation for Mister Garlic exaltation. Day 62nd.

The garlic press I had was a kind of professional, unbreakable tool. However, I managed to break it by pressing with unreasonable amount of force. In fact, I pressed the garlic press through itself instead of pressing garlic without any additional effort.

This was probably the consequence of trainings at Aerial Dance. The strength in my hands has become over my imagination, because when you keep the weight of your whole body on arms in air – you might develop an enormous strength in them, so I did.

Anyway, I read this sign as a signal for myself to fully cut on garlic in a New Year so that to create a mind clean of unnecessary nervous stimulation.

garlic press has crushed itself for me to stop eating garlic

Mobile phone

It just felt down and said “goodbye”. The screen became almost black with no hope to recover.

December 31st without the virtual contacts

December 31st was a day of almost total social isolation in regards to the connection via internet. Using another, not new phone, I drastically made the attempts to reach those whose numbers have been saved on a sim card.

A few friends of mine were patient with me online, and helped emotionally.

My Facebook has gone probably forever (I do not own the email which I used years ago to create the account and by phone number they do not send me recovery code). Anyone has an idea what I can do in this situation?:)

I opened email from the computer and wrote some emails, all the history of my YouTube “watch later” has gone in the space of internet, Messenger also does not hurry to send me recovery code. All applications and photos, and notes and most of the contacts are gone.

You may also know I already made the attempts to disconnect with a mobile phone, but all my efforts in 2020 were weak and fruitless.

January 1st without the virtual contacts

Today in the morning, on January 1st, 2021 year, I found myself free of the social traps on internet. I found myself FREE, I breathed in the freedom and still in the state of it.

Today I am free of checking messenger to see who has already seen my message, who don’t; who liked who don’t; who wrote what about this or that; today I did not send an enormous amount of greetings and did not received tons of them; but have connected and talked with the family members and spent time with those who truly the most important people in my life. Today I did not check my email accounts at all, and did not make photos here and there just for fun. In fact I step in into reconnecting with the real world around. I feel great!

mobile phone has broken itself for me to stop slaving to it

Instead of carrying a mobile phone one could carry a whole planet and become a creator

I am thinking to leave the email possible to check only on a computer. More so, I am thinking to take this sign seriously this time and to apply the saying of Julius Caesar: “Divida et Impera” (Engl, Divide and Rule):

  • Photo camera might be for taking photos, not a phone (yep, but I do not have a photo camera…)
  • Calculator might be used for calculations, not a phone
  • Flashlight might be used to light the way, not a phone
  • PC might be used for moderate online communication, not a phone
  • I even think to watch YouTube from a computer and to forget about it on a phone
  • Timer and alarm – to be a separate tools, not a phone
    • I have a timer installed as an oven program, should be enough; and when I am not overeating, being on a light mode, I wake up easily each day at 4-5 am without any alarms.

Why not to create a power just for yourself? Why not to use the wisdom of great people and to apply it to a daily, simple life? Ah? Why not?:)

After my phone just crushed itself, I need to work on Divide and Rule It, for not to be trapped again with another screen.

The world is ours, just take the power which was always yours

I wish all my readers to regain their powers this years, 2021; to get rid of the personal traps, physical, emotional or psychological; and to feel the power of BEING FREE

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