Those who follow Wim Hof #1 / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 292nd.

Always being a bit extreme

Watching Wim Hof videos has definitely brought me the idea to expose the body to cold air. However, I was always a bit “extreme” if compared with “normality”.

Hot saunas, hot countries, or rubbing with ice, rubbing with snow, cold showers, running in winter time (around -10 C / 15 F), swimming in autumn/winter/spring sea (water temperature about 10-15 C / 50-60 F), meditation or exercises all year round at a balcony (outside temperature around 5 C / 40 F).

But yes, I am normal. Sometimes it is also cold for me, sometimes too hot in summer, I am normal but curious to expand the diapason of body’s resistance to temperature, to broaden the possibilities. Possibilities, which in fact are enormous once you discover the human being in yourself.

All is closed

This year the saunas are closed (restrictions), the mountains are closed (traveling restrictions). How to make difference for the body‘s routine?

My balcony plants showed me the way

two plants in pots standing one close to another

I would not lie now, but I was jealous  to my plants which stayed at a balcony, on a fresh air till December 1st.

They look so wealthy and healthy (at right side on a photo) if comparing with those which stayed all summer and autumn inside the apartment (at left side on a photo)!

You know, lastly I threw away those half-dead weak inside plants and felt release. You know what did I think for myself? Some other living creatures, bigger than humans, invisible for our eye, could see me now and think: “Is she fresh or dry?” “Let it stay or let it go?”… My balcony plants showed me the way – fresh air is what I need.

Here is my post about indoor plants living on a balcony: Impact of fresh air on plants / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 271st.

Fresh air is what I need

Fresh air is what I need to look and feel fresh. Wim Hof videos I watched later and grabbed just some general info: “Breathing, staying calm, deep concentration into yourself”. In fact, I was ready. I trained the body from my 15th to like a cold, so, no wonder I grab the idea in seconds.

Iceman Wim Hof Throwback | A day with Wim in 1998. An old TV piece showing you a day in the life of Wim Hof back in Amsterdam, 1998.

Today’s morning, 5 am

Morning, 5 am, December 29, 2020.

Dark outside, just a few people here and there, a few cars moving, lamps in a park illuminate the road. Chilly morning, 4 C / 39 F. Me, walking in the early morning park slowly, wearing shorts, sport bra, simple cotton t-shirt, gloves, running shoes with socks and sport cap. I took off the cap and t-shirt after around 10 minutes and continued walking, no feel of cold, no people around, just Nature and me.

50 minutes walking and 1 km running at the end, just felt great!

Never had a feeling of being deep with myself as this morning.

Wim Hof, The Iceman Cometh | HUMAN Limits. Superhuman “Iceman” Wim Hof is showing the world how to kick Mother Nature’s butt, one deep breath at a time

Fingers started to get cold, even with those warm gloves I have, muscles of left hand got cold and it was difficult to grab and bend fingers when I came back home.

Cold shower seemed to me warm and brought softness feeling.

Later was the most interesting 5 minutes: I laid down on a sofa to relax and started to tremble enormously. All my skin with bones and muscles inside were shaken by terrible trembling. I understood hot tea or woolen covers will not help. They never did in fact after running in winter or cold shower.

So I made this (just by intuition): I stand up and started to run on a sport fast, fast, faster, for a minute, and then again for another minute.

All the day long after this I felt pleasant warmth in a whole body, breathing deeply naturally, my whole body, physical and mental was warm and relaxed all day.

Never repeat it

Never repeat this by yourself if:

  • you think you hate cold
  • the body is not trained for cold exposure
  • you have chronic constipation
    • excess fecal masses in the intestines use body’s temperature to keep those masses “conditionally safe” inside a body. Intestines in fact play a role of a heat radiator for a whole body. If this radiator is busy with fecal masses – one could always feel cold. It also the rule for lean people, who also may suffer from constipation

What I l’earned

  • it is way better to start cold-air walking not from a warm bed, but wait around 15-20 minutes after waking up
  • no need to make warming exercises before going out to cold air – it will only facilitate your body’s warmth transfer into the air
  • no need to hurry when walking on cold air – the purpose is to stay there, not to count the time or a distance
  • early morning, while it is still dark outside brings better connection with nature and relax (people’s reactions and comments could disturb all the good feeling and proper concentration).

I will repeat, you don’t!:)

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