This is not an addiction – this is malnutrition / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 288th.

Medical dogmas and living creatures who suffer

Since the medical dogmas about nutrition change in regards to the preferences of a food industry, and since animal trials are all about torture of innocent living creatures, the true way (and the one which people used over the centuries ago) is the observation of life around.

The observation of life around, as well as the observation of the own life, we call folk medicine or folk customs. Official medicine raises alarm against folk medicine constantly, because most of the folk observations are not scientifically-proved (the question is Why?), in other words, do not involve animals’ torture.

From the other hand, lots of valuable scientific inventions are done, uncountable number of animals, living creatures, have suffered and suffer right now to lay all the knowledge on the altar for a human, for a human to be.

The wise and the Clever

I realized, once we should just start using all the existing knowledge instead of claiming for more scientific results (for more animals’ tortures).

The irony of all the mess in the perception of Health is as that: “The clever knows, the wise applies what he knows”. We know soo.. much (mainly from internet), that there are no time, courage or competency to apply anything.

Ask any doctor what he/she knows about health and you may observe a confusion in doctor’s eyes. He/she does not know the answer, never has faced with the phenomenon of Health. You see, we, doctors and pharmacist learned just basics of health at the university, bust mostly studied about disease. Basics about health we called physiology, and it was just a starting point to dive deep into the world of humans’ pathology (diseases).

These days even the health-related books are misleading and some of them are written in a mostly incompetent way. It happens because for the nowadays writer it is enough to know ABC and grab some general info from the same internet.

So, whom would you trust these days? Really, whom?

I realized, the mind is something what we should not trust, but only exploit for the technical purposes. Once your heart is open to seek Health – then trust your heart, your soul and use the mind as a technical assistant. Mind is your helper, not the commander.  

My food story

My story does not need an official scientific proof or any kind of medicinal explication, just take it as a XXI century folk heritage.  

New start in January 2019

In January 2019, I started my new way to live and have made the fundamental changes in my nutrition. When I cut on meat, dairy, eggs, fish, bread, pasta and sweets at once, the first few days were in fog. Terrible headache and weakness. Friends said I was suspicious and looked unhealthy. But I continued to use the mind for one goal – a liberation from a miry way of living.

Gradual changes

After a few months like this, the urge for meat and eggs has disappeared almost 100%, while fish appeared in a ration time to time (totally 3-5 times within the year). As the body cleansed itself from the excess of slime and toxins in around half a year – now any tiny (tiny!) bite of sweet (sugary) food caused a severe (severe!) headache.

Gradually, things like sea food and eggs started to be unacceptable for my body. Now even the photo of fried eggs would cause me feeling sick.  

Back to dairy

Anyway, in 2020 I turned back to eating dairy (butter, sour cream and some cheese) and sugary cakes. It seemed like a freaky addiction. There were the days when I woke up already obsessed by the thought to taste a piece of cake or found myself eating butter slice by slice without any other food! What has happened?

Lots of modern vegans would bring themselves to malnutrition by continuing the diet solely on veggies, nuts and fruits. Pardon, also all those numerous food powders, “the sources of proteins”, “superfoods”, etc. lots of people would let their mind to command and continue “the battle with themselves” till he/she will be conquered by him/herself.

But not me. I did not let my mind to control me. I realized my freaky behavior towards cakes and butter was a kind of chemical reaction. In this chemical reaction hormones played their games by stimulating or suppressing biological functions, in other words, letting me feel sick, tired, thirsty, disappointed, unhappy, lazy, uncomfortable, or elevated, excited, calm, relaxed, normal, etc.

Am I addicted to sugar?

So, in autumn 2020 I discovered for myself that I am addicted to sugar. Right! How simple! So, I started to avoid absolutely all the processed sugar, including even honey. Only fruits, dry fruits, starchy vegetables now were the source of my sweet taste.

But yesterday I ate a piece of my-made cake with honey (a kind of solid cake made from nuts, caramelized fruits and honey). Nothing. Just tasty. Today I did not grab another piece of cake as I supposed, I guess just because a home-made cake without most of triggers like eggs, flour and refined sugar do not cause excessive hormonal imbalance. I mean, of course, it raises glucose level in blood, but not as much as refined naked sugar does.

Why coffee is an addiction and sugar is not

I asked so many questions to myself “Why?” Why it was so good at the end to cut on coffee, meat, eggs, pasta, and those (food) products are now repelled by the body.

Lots of people would never refuse a cup of their coffee in the morning. Usually they say “I need only one cup of coffee right in the morning and that’s all”, while we are talking in a coffee house at noon and the second coffee cup is ordered by my talker…:)

I do not want to say getting out from caffeine or meat is easy, it is hard to break the habit, but once I made it – now I am in freedom. Coffee, meat, eggs, were really a kind of addiction and now the physical body is thankful to me that I got out of that burden, the addiction. These types of “food” were worthless, if not saying harmful for my body. Once I am out – the body does not want to return to it at any level of (sub) consciousness.

From the other hand, why things like cake and butter constantly come back to me? In fact, does the body call for it? At the end of 2020 year, these days, I realized – this is not an addiction, this is the last call for rescue!

The body calls for a cake and butter because it needs something from it. But as long as the mind finds (knows) only these food products as a source of what it needs – then, subsequently, the body takes it, takes a cake or butter.

What is in a cake?

You see, a cake is not what the body needs, it needs something from it, but a cake may consist of a little percent of what is really needed, that is why the urge to the same cake continues.

I do not deny that the curve of insulin raise and fall do not play a role. Of course, it adds its impact on a top. As it is greatly described in the book by Udo Erasmus: “Overworked adrenal glands fail in their blood sugar-raising function, resulting in low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) from the action of insulin. Hypoglycemia gives rise to craving for sweets. The rapid absorption of sugar in sweets eaten in response to this craving starts another vicious hyperglycemia-hypoglycemia-sugar-craving cycle” (1).

However, I still insist on the idea that the body needs something from that cake not only because of hyperglycemia-hypoglycemia-sugar-craving, but because of deeper reason. Maybe the same fat (butter) is needed from a piece of cake?

What I missed on vegan way?

So, let’s come back to the experiment in vivo – my own experience. While being on vegan diet first I did not make sports at all, I just was busy in finding proper new food and set the hours when to eat, I also educated myself spending hours in books and internet.

Now I realize, first cravings to sweets have started last summer, in 2019, after a few first days in mountains, where we walked for 20-30 km each day. Yes, physical load. Later I renewed my favorite morning/evening running, walks in Nature for 10-20 km daily, Nature cleaning from plastic pollution (it is a hard physical work I need to say, like working in a field if I may compare!).

Cleaning Nature from plastic garbage is a hard physical work

I also started stretching and force exercises with the own weight on a balcony. I entered a class of aerial dance last autumn and this is a kind of sport where first time in my life I observed sweat running from my face like river goes its way in spring.

Lots of energy, no, I would say it is a power!

However, I missed the point to adapt the food to the new physical activity, thinking that the same morning apple, veggie salad per lunch and a bowl of cooked buckwheat would work as before.

After a body cleans itself from mucus and toxins, oh yes, you would observe tons of energy, the power in a whole body, the feeling close to the state of being healthy.

Poor mind knows poor “foods”, while the physical body always seeks for being in balance

So, why a cake is not an addiction? Because the body calls for carbohydrates and fats. Our poor minds of XXI century know the source of carbohydrates to be a cake (the same with fats), because there are refined sugar, flour and hydrogenated fats in it, right?

Our poor minds of XXI century know the source of carbohydrates to be a cake

However, a body calls for Human’s food – simple and complex carbohydrates and natural fats. Simple carbohydrates – as in fruits, complex carbohydrates as in grains, and natural fats as in nuts, seeds and some fatty fruits like avocado.

My salad I have never been in Mexico!

So the body continues to require what it needs: simple carbohydrates for physical activity right now, complex carbohydrates for endurance and fats for healthy performance of hormones.

But we continue to feed it with cakes where complex carbohydrates are diminished till worthless white flour and natural fats are chemically changed to carcinogenic hydrogenated oils. What to expect? – Malnutrition.

MALNUTRITION and overall inner pollution of a body!

Lots of nowadays vegans continue to eat flour and sugar, adding doubtful (or “trustful”) POWDERS in bottles to a daily food ration as a source of “proteins” or whatever.

Vegan food ration to maintain active lifestyle

By adding physical activity (because a body with less mucus and toxins calls for active lifestyle) I needed to rethink a daily food ration, wisely. That’s all.

  • Just to add 1-2 avocado daily, because it was only one avocado in a week previously;
  • maybe to chew an apple instead of making a fruit smoothie (chewing stimulates proper digestion of carbohydrates right in a mouth while drinking smoothie we skip the first stage and drop carbohydrates directly to a stomach);
  • maybe to vary type of salads;
  • maybe not to be lazy and soak the seeds and nuts.
    • As I know, soaking nuts and seeds is important for good nutrition, so, each day when I forgot to soak them overnight I just did not eat not soaked nuts, so obviously, being on vegan ration I missed many things.

Good to know! Good to realize and make the corrections!


  1. Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill: The Complete Guide to Fats, Oils, Cholesterol, and Human Health by Erasmus Udo, 1993

Based on personal experience

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