Those who criticize us force us to improve / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 285th.

or how I started the classes of Aerial Dance being “totally inflexible”

Childhood “trauma”

There were the times when money did not rule. I was around six years old. My mom took me to the first lesson of gymnastic. The teacher was choosing “those who are talented”. I was not one of “those”. I was told I am rigid, inflexible and “not suitable for any kind of sport”. The teacher was rude, I thought like this for some time.

How I unfold myself

Time passed by, I entered the music school, then the school of art for a few years. But I always remembered about my “inflexibility”. Oh no, don’t think I was crying or growing the complex big.

The idea to make myself flexible was on the unconscious level. Any time there was a chance to prove my flexibility – I was there. I was constantly training the body to be flexible, however, sometimes getting physical traumas, but it was bigger than me.

One day, I thought, one day I will prove to that lady that I AM FLEXIBLE.

Be grateful to your “offenders”

This is one of the example when we need to thank our “offenders”, but not to complain on them. In fact, this is always about WHO ARE YOU, but not WHO ARE THEY (or he, she, anyone). In fact, nobody never hurt me, the lady just said what she saw – she said the truth:) That truth is in the past, the new reality we build each new day.

Aerial dance to fly a bit

This is my second year of Aerial dance trainings. First lesson was quite surprising, because I thought I came to flying yoga class.

Aerial dance is something totally different from yoga. Only after one year of trainings I feel a bit strength in arms and legs to hold my body in air.

Now, after the traumas of unsuccessful front splits and later knee trauma, now I am flying a bit. Not high, just a bit:)

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