Ask narcissist for forgiveness / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 273rd.

Important disclaimer for this particular blog post:

All coincidences with the real people are random

The observations and findings are based on my personal practice while working in a pharmacy, and also based on my world outlook as an empath (a person with the paranormal ability to perceive the mental or emotional state of another individual).

Observing people and their behavior, relationship, daily life routine or meetings gives some kind of psychological practical background for the interpretations. Though a degree in pharmacy gives the basics of psychology as a knowledge, the author pay your attention that this blog post is for entertainment only and should not be treated as any kind of medical/psychological diagnosis, advice, treatment, etc. For more info please read the Disclaimer.

First, about energy vampires

Usually, the articles about energy vampires unmask energy vampires for the aim to “stay away from them”. My post was quite different from the standard version: Are you an energy vampire? / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 189th.

In my post about energy vampires, I have made the conclusions based on the personal observations only. The research was about “How to recognize energy vampire in YOURSELF?” (something new, right?).

In case of identifying YOURSELF as energy vampire, in the same post, the practical ways “How to pull out yourself from a state of being an energy vampire?” are given.

As I talked later with one person, we agreed that there is a difference between an energy vampire and a narcissist.

My deep belief, based on the observation of real lives is that an energy vampire could be anyone. Energy vampire could be the person who lives through the difficult period of life, who lacks basic source of love, who lacks support from the surrounding, who is thrown alone in the awkward situation. Yes, energy vampire is just a human being who needs energy to survive – his/her vital sources of energy, mental, physical, emotional, are blocked or ran out.

Got query to write about narcissist too

So, I have got a query to write about narcissists. The deep belief of my talker was that narcissists are totally different characters and play their games as predators.

To understand a bit the specifics of this particular topic, I read just one article:  How To Deal With Perverse Narcissistic Personality Disorder (2).

Yes, to get known to the specific topic it is enough to read just one article, a well-written one.

The concept of narcissism

The concept of narcissism is similar to the concept of the energy vampire, however, it is much more complicated. I realized those who suffered in their childhood from narcissist parents (or relatives, or teachers) may really have a deep incurable wound through the life. Again, the classical methods on “How can the victim protect himself from the narcissistic pervert?” maybe found in the article on (2).

Different approach which may give the results

Here I present a totally different concept, which, however, makes sense. It echoes with the idea given in my previous post, however, goes much deeper. Goes to the depths where even the whole involvement is not enough.

Have you ever asked yourself “Why and how did the particular human being become narcissist?” Maybe they had a trauma in their childhood? Or maybe their entire childhood was one big mess without pink balloons and fluffy cakes?

For those who would claim that there was a narcissist in their surrounding from whom he/she has suffered – now fasten the belts. It is like a kiss of a vampire – now YOU also become the same character. It already may happen for years, just nobody told you, and they will not. According to the all online instructions “Once identified – stay away from a narcissist!

Not sweet…

You see, it’s always convenient to blame others, never yourself. It has a bitter taste.

Identifying yourself as a narcissist

I say, it is nothing wrong to identify yourself as a narcissist (or energy vampire). Once you done – the whole new world is available. It may take a long to untangle oneself, but it worth to start as soon as you take a deep breath in.

I have not yet answer the question: „Why and how did the particular human being become (is) a narcissist?

My thoughts about it may seem a bit mystic, but it’s up to you to quit or to stay with the reading further, isn’t it?

The story on internet

Recently I read on internet about the practices which bring the person back to the experience of his/her past lives. A short story has interested me.

Two women who are mother (X) and daughter (Y) in the current real life have met centuries ago. In their previous lives they also were relatives. In their previous lives the current daughter (Y) murdered the person who is currently her mother (X). Now they meet again to have a new experience together. Of course, the machine (the program which calculates all these circumstances) may not know the truth. However, why this kind of things come across?

You have got a chance

In fact, it is a chance for both persons to make piece. But how?

The answer: The woman who was killed (X) in a previous life should forgive her daughter (Y) in a current life.

This story has nothing in common with narcissism, but it raised a question for me: “What if those who are sent to us in this life in a form of narcissists have suffered from us earlier?” how do you like it?

What if those who are sent to us in this life in a form of narcissists have suffered from us earlier, in previous life?

Then, in fact, those who suffered from narcissists in their childhood may do their best to get forgiveness from their “torturers”.

Why? Because you (the victim) still suffer, even after decades, the uncured wounds sorrow. Take responsibility in your hands. Of course, do not call that person to tell him/her: “Please. Forgive me”. That would be incompetent and silly.

You need to serve out the forgiveness. Cure his/her wounds, bring love and be patient. Make it in your mind, but with passion, open your heart and love.

Serve out the forgiveness and cure the wounds of your “torturer”

Yes, you hear right. Not you should forgive your narcissist – YOUR NARCISSIST SHOULD FORGIVE YOU. Great, isn’t it?

How to serve the forgiveness?

In your mind, take your “torturer” on hands with love of a mother, imagine him/her small and powerless, frightened in his/her own nightmares. In your mind, bring love, build a love bridge between two of you. Once? No, constantly, daily, until he/she will not forgive you. You will feel the forgiveness in your heart, it will come.

If (luckily!) you have a possibility to communicate in real, if the person is still alive, find a way to please him/her, to open his/her heat little by little. Receive his/her true smile as a greatest gift.

Remember, it may be that YOU have hurt your “torturer” narcissist much more in the previous lives than you “suffer” from him/her in a current life.

In fact they never hurt you

In fact, they never hurt you, but unknown force always pushed them towards you. Our minds are blocked from the previous experiences (thanks for the Creator!), but the signs can be read.

Once you set your mind from the state of a victim to the state of a creator – the whole world appears to be yours

It’s time to stop and say Good night for my reader.

Take care, and get forgiveness.


  1. Are you an energy vampire? / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 189th.

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