Impact of fresh air on plants / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 271st.

two plants in pots standing one close to another

What about chlorophytum plant?

Chlorophytum (or spider plant) is an amazing plant which grows easily at home. Botanically it belongs to Asparagus family of plants.

It could clean air from various chemicals like formaldehyde or carbon monoxide. You may think it is about chemical laboratory? No! It is in your household and kitchen!

Formaldehyde is found in such household products like glues, wall paints, lacquers and finishes, dishwashing liquids and fabric softeners. Also in pesticides and fertilizers.

Carbon monoxide (or CO in chemical language) may be produced by a kitchen stove and oven in mild concentrations. 

So, chlorophytum plant cleans the air from those chemicals. Sounds great, isn’t it?

From the other hand, any chemist knows – the plants grow like crazy on a windowsill of a chemical laboratory! Why? Because they are boosted with chemical vapors:)

Growing chlorophytum

So, I’m growing (or they grow by themselves) chlorophytum plants.

During this late spring, all summer and till December 1st, two of pots with chlorophyutm plants were inside the apartment, while another two were constantly outside on a balcony. The result of accidental experiment was surprising!

two plants in pots standing one close to another

Two chlorophytum plants:

one stayed all the summer inside the apartment (on the left),

another spent all time on a balcony enjoying any kind of weather at day/night time (on the right)

Those two which stayed at the balcony have grew up in double and are almost deep green. However, those which stayed all the summer inside became weak, with light-green leaves.

You may know when your chlorophytum plant feels well – its crown of leaves become curly and stems produce lots of flowers. Later flowers turn into “baby chlorophytum” (look at the pictures and find the differences).

Two plants side by side, top view
On the left: plant was all summer inside the apartment. Its leaves are weak, lightly-green, not producing new sprouts On the right: plant stayed on the balcony all late spring, summer and all the autumn till December 1st. The leaves are dark green and strong, it has lots of leaves which make “a head” of the plant, and plenty of new “baby plants” are produced. It is obviously the healthy-looking and healthy-feeling plant! Top view


The (fresh) air is one of the essential elements of the Earth which maintains LIFE. If sun (the light) is missing – another element (air) may contribute to the growth and health of plants (should be valuable for humans too:))

In the territories where sun is a rare quest and summer is short one could adopt plants for receiving the vital energy from fresh natural air.

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