Pandemic anecdote / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 270th.


Drop intro

You may notice, even though I am writing in “Prophylactic self-isolation series”, my posts are 99% not related to the pandemic. I make it on purpose, just for the sake not to feed the beast.

But some things are good to go as folk heritage – ANECDOTES FROM LIFE.

Here it is, life through the tears of laugh!

Anecdote for today, real fact, real life:

Somehow I didn’t notice that now from 10 am to 12 pm it is only seniors’ hours (which means at my place that all shops, malls, and even grocery stores from 10 am till 12 am are open only for people over 60 years of age).

So, I was really hungry and decided to take a snack – my favorite roasted salty peanuts!

I stepped in to the grocery store energetically. The seller at the cash desk called me back. I turned around and

she said: Oh, no.

I asked: What “Oh no?”

She said: Well, you look very young from the back, but now you turned around … because now from 10 to 12 am there is time only for seniors over 60 to buy.

I didn’t understand and decided to clarify: “SO WHAT, I CAN BUY???”

And she said: “Well, if you are not over 60 – then you cannot; but if you are – then “yes”.



I realized that further clarification of my age could be psychologically dangerous for my emotional balance and just went away.

I went to another grocery store just to find out my age.

Hooray! Here at the entrance a seller shouted: “Don’t!”

Well, since I really missed this 10-12 am info, I stopped outside at the entrance of a shop reading ads. “They should put such an info on the entrance door!” – I thought.

Here it is! The info was there.

At the same moment, another energetic woman, around 60, came to the door of the shop and

asked me: “What is going on? Why are you not going inside?”

I said: “At this time only seniors over 60 can buy”

You know, she told me: “Well …step in!”


I need to change, maybe to do make-up every day, maybe change a hairstyle, or maybe these masks change people unrecognizably??? You know, a few decades still separate me from senior age…

I laughed for another half an hour afterwards.

Here is a new way to test your biological age:

Go to a grocery store between 10 and 12 am! If they don’t sell you milk – don’t give up! Claim for the identification of age!


You may like to read my another post which is about LAUGH THERAPY. In that post one more anecdote, the real life situation is also included:

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