The Monster Project for Children! Funny! / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 261st.

pictures of children drawings with professional drawings

The Monster Project is something funny and creative both for children and adults.

First I thought: “No, monsters, no way me to visit this page”.

But just when I have opened it – the whole world of childhood was in front!

The Monster Project – Summer 2019

Elementary students draw monsters. Then artists from all over the world reimagine those monsters in their own unique styles. The Monster Project teaches children about the power of their imaginations and encourages them to pursue their creative potential. It shows them that their ideas are important and exposes them to the magic of art and collaboration. Plus, it’s just really, really fun. // Text from the original source //
pictures of children drawings with professional drawings
Monster Gallery 2019

Images Collage and text © Dr. A. Palatronis /

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