Raining cats and dogs? Sure? / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 256th.

the drawing with flowing down cats and dogs with drops of water in color pastel

As English is not my first language, when first time I heard “Its raining cats and dogs” – I got stuck in place. It took time for me to understand that I am dealing with an idiom – the falling down from heaven various cats and dogs overfilled my imagination!!!

Recently I searched for the same idiom but in other languages, and here the funniest versions which I have found:

The idiom “Its raining cats and dogs” in other languages and the meaning

the drawing with flowing down cats and dogs with drops of water in color pastel
Its raining cats and dogs! Really???:)


Tractors are falling

Padajú traktory


It’s raining chair legs

Rixnei kareklopodara

Brazilian Portuguese

It’s raining frogs’ beards

Está chovendo barba de sapo


It’s raining female trolls

Det regner trollkjerringer

What is an idiom for rainy days in your language?:)


How different languages say “It’s raining cats and dogs”, June 27, 2020. The language nerds, available online on: https://ahtaitay.blogspot.com/2020/06/how-different-languages-say-its-raining.html

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