Bonasolla in 2014 / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 255th.

photos of a settlement in mountains, mountain, houses, trees and sea views

Have you been in Bonasolla in Italy? Probably not:)

Bonasolla is even not a town, it is a small comune in the Province of La Spezia, region Liguria. Total area of Bonasolla is only 9 square kilometers, with the population around 1000. Genoa is located 60 km from it.

I could describe Bonasolla as one-beach territory, arranged nicely, with houses and apartments built in the mountains around (one of the most eye-catching view for me if talking about buildings).

phots of buildings in mountains
Bonasolla – the comune close to the sea shore, surrounded by mountains. A kind of human’s creation in a palm of Nature

In Bonasolla I was nolens volens surrounded by Nature, anywhere I went

photos of a settlement in mountains, mountain, houses, trees and sea views

Walking up the mountain via serpentine road. Had no idea what is there on the top:)

Of course, chapel is on the top! Chapels in the mountains with astonishing sea views are quite often in Italy, Portugal, Spain

sea view from a building on a mountain

Sea view from the chapel. Cappella della Madonnina della Punta FINE XVII SEC. Address: Golfo Madonnina della Punta, 19011 Bonassola SP, Province of la Spezia, Italy

While observing the general panorama of Bonasolla, a sharp eye would notice a heavy metal gates in the rocks. There is the marine laboratory. This laboratory looks like differently – no glass test-tubes and chemical reagents – instead hoses, buckets, water and metal constructions. Take a look!

Follow the yellow arrow – it shows the location of the marine laboratory. Stazione Marina Sperimentale CNR-ICMATE, ‘Mareco’, Bonassola (SP), see it online on LAB. MARECO-BONASSOLA (GENOVA)

Only ONE RESTAURANT was operating in Bonasolla in 2014 (honestly, I did not find any other:)) Someone said the owner who was also the chief was Neopolitan.

Last evening I was in Bonasolla, I went to this restaurant (and of course! I booked the place in advance).

After a remarkable dinner, accompanied with a mild evening music, in a company with myself, I wanted to pay and go, because next day I needed to catch a very early train to Milano.

The waitress offered me a cup of coffee. I said “oh no, so late for coffee, it is almost a night time”.

To what she replied: “We, Italians, drink coffee at any time of a day!”

It was my first time in Italy, I was impressed by its beauty. I realized that if I truly want to catch the local atmosphere and become a part of this beautiful country just for a few moments – here is a chance – I need to drink this coffee in the evening as they do. So, I ordered expresso…

The whole night till 4 am I could not close my eyes and sleep not even for a minute!:):):) Ha ha! Every other tourist and newbie pays his/her special price!

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