Cat photos / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 248th.

Virtual passion for cats while keeping a parrot home:)

There is a post here on my website about each of these cats and kitties.

You may go for a short journey with any you like:)

Kitty is enjoying the sunny day too, beautiful images of autumn moments in 2020

In between two sunflowers, the post about sunflowers in autumn 2020

Happy and beautiful, the post about how to help yourself by helping others

Injured and saved, the same post about how to help yourself by helping others

Kitty in blue, the post about Blue (Throat) Chakra

What do you have for me? A cat in Greece, the post about friendship

Weighty cat clan in Izmir, the post about my journey to Izmir, Turkey

I am from Romania, the post about plants’ pain

My cat cup to go, the post about Planet pollution and how I deal with it

Gracefulness, Athene, Greece. Just graceful:)


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