I am Nature, you are Nature / Prophylactic self-isolation series / Day 245th.

a girl with short hair looking to grass, grey photo


I am Nature

Nature according to the definition

According to the definition, Nature is ” the phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations”.

trees with green and yellow leaves by a water with reflection
Believe me, the real view was much more beautiful than this picture. And by the way, I do not use any filters on photos. Autumn 2020

Nature is the phenomenon of life, but a human being is separated from it even in the definition

Who does create those definitions?

Right by the definition someone put Nature against a human, and a human against Nature?! and then we wonder why the pollution happens, why climate changes, why, why, why.

You might think it is just a detail, just a definition. But I guess I remember it from school time: human in opposite to Nature. We are what we were taught.

In my previous life…

In my adult life, I WAS putting myself in opposite to myself (to Nature in me) for a long period of time by:

over-eating, anxiety, stresses, laziness, enjoying alcohol, over-sweetening, watching movies full of violence and fears, surrounded by gossiping, having no rest and over-working at work, over sleeping or not sleeping at all, no-sports, no hobby, having too high requirements for myself and the people around, over-thinking so much that it seemed to be a beginning of madness, dreaming horrible dreams (and even those are our responsibility and should be under our control), putting all those chemicals on me and inside me which we call cosmetics an hygiene products, over-consuming, over-buying, over-spending time at malls and so on.

Sounds very common, we all are doing the same and we call it “civilized LIFE”.

But I always remembered Nature’s truth

At the same time, deep inside I remembered truth by Nature.

It comes from my early childhood, when everything around seemed to me going in a certain clear way.

At that time I knew, the LIFE by Nature is absolutely true thing and manifests without any dogmas from outside.

a girl with short hair looking to grass, grey photo
Me, looking through a window of Nature (from a personal photo album)

The day you realize the life is within – you will come back home, back home to mother Nature

How do you feel IN YOURSELF? Living “civilized life” with all its side effects or LIFE by Nature?

This is a rhetorical question by the way. No need to comment, unless you wish:)

The End which is The Beginning

Images and text © Dr. A. Palatronis / www.z-antenna.com

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