How to be sure that your kale is organic? / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 243rd.

How to be sure that your vegetables, bought from a market, are organic?

It is not enough just blindly to believe that all the organic food is 100 % organic. You need some obvious and undeniable proof, right?

So, here it is. The vegetables I buy on a market are not declared as organic or non-organic. However, time to time (not actually often, but regularly:)) I find some pretty creatures living in my vegetables. If there was an opportunity for an insect or other pretty creature to grow on a vegetable and eat it – you may celebrate, your veggies are eatable!

Here is the pretty creature I found today on kale leaves:

Kale stem with a pretty creature sitting close to its stem. That is how you know you kale is organic!

But, please, do not require form a market seller to put bugs there for you, Nature is unpredictable! Just let it be:)

I heard once about what dishonest sellers are doing with eggs to sell them for bigger price as organic – they paint eggs a bit here and a bit there with chicken poop! “You see, the eggs are organic, a hen pooped on it!”, – and many of us trust the “truth”…

“You see, – a smart seller tells you, – the eggs are organic, because a hen pooped on it!”

From the other hand, once I forgot to use a head of salad. It was sitting in a refrigerator for a month without any changes in color and texture – that was quite suspicious. Lastly, I denied to use it for any form of salad and just put into a compost bin. If any creature eats it, why should I?..

You do not really need to find a bug in a cabbage every time you buy it, of course not. But some link between bugs and veggies obviously exists.

Perhaps some people would be annoyed finding a bug in their veggies, but for me it is a joy to see life around:) And it is a big pleasure to know that the food I bring home comes from Nature.

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