Are you driven by estrogen? / Prophylactic self-isolation series. Day 239th.

Foreword or why I have embedded the video by meat eater on my vegan/vegetarian blog

Dr. Cassar struggles. He was a vegan for 15 years till around January 2020, when he decided to return to meat-eating, because he became very sick. He blames now fiber, plants, soy products, oxalates, etc. But,

In my opinion, his “drinks to get tons of energy” in fact took away his vital energy, lowering it constantly with no replenishment. Dr. Cassar is too wise for an average adult, but in his body he desires to be as young, muscle-handsome and strong as it could be possible and pushes himself to the extremes. This could be explained by the fact that he was a bodybuilder for many years – his profession talks in him, calling for non-stop improvement of a physical body.

For a few times I have tried the energy cocktails according to his recipes – I have got a feeling that my cells inside my body were exploded – it was extremely more than average energy surge, I was literally blown away inside myself! And I guess it is obviously too much for a 50-60 years old man in Dr. Cassar’s case. Coffee stands as a drop of mini energy splash if compared to his cocktails. The result could be only one – the vital energy wasted forever.

But he continued this practice on a regular basis for years – no wonder that the vital amount of energy, given for each of us in some amount, was taken out from his body by these extra-tonic drinks.

Other thing – Dr.Robert Cassar used too much food supplements in powder form on a regular basis. It does not matter whether the powders are plant-based, chemical or any other, literally. Sooner or later those powders, which particles could penetrate into any cell’s inner environment, or could easily stick to the intestines, or walls of any tissue cells…sooner ot later those powders will let know about themselves by some kind of generalized illness.

Anyway, I respect Dr. Cassar’s knowledge, his wisdom and insightfulness coming from somewhere else, not from the books or internet. Many times I noticed – the things he talk about are transmitted through him from Cosmos probably, from that unknown space which most of us do not able to see, hear or perceive.

If one would turn his/her back to EVERYONE who has slipped on the life’s road – with whom he/she will find him/herself after all?..

This video was removed from You Tube search. Why? What is wrong with it?…

What is in this post?

In this post the summary of an one-hour speech is given. So, the text below is a kind of stenographer’s work done.

Rethinking Reality: Estrogen Fed Society | Dr. Robert Cassar • 7,491 views • Aug 30, 2020

Earther Academy Online: Earther Academy –

What is estrogen

Estrogen is a specific compound that gives feministic characteristics. Men supposed to have higher amount of testosterone and just a bit of estrogen. Females have much more estrogen and just a bit of testosterone (when in norm).

Testosterone makes you things to do, while estrogen works to create feelings.

How to examine if there is a balance in these hormones? Blood test or checking mammary glands (which are not normal for males to have). Mammary glands – are they swollen. The human supposed to be lean. Cellulite.

How do we get exogenic estrogen (one which is not naturally formed in a body)?

High estrogen levels through a body out of balance to illnesses.

There are plant and meet foods which contain estrogen.

Animals are fed by hormones (estrogen) to make them bigger and grow faster. High estrogen is what makes cows fat, but also gives thickness to them. Cows eat even more junks than civilized people these days.

Plant-based food containing estrogen (phytoestrogen): soy products (tofu), hops in bear, and flaxseed, essential oils (lavender).  

Chemical estrogens (xenoestrogens, i.e. foreign estrogens): in water, plastics (water, overheated on the sun in plastic bottles in the cars), shampoos in plastic bottles, storing food in plastics, thin plastic wrap for cut food pieces, products made from petrochemicals (cans, paints), pesticides, hair regrowth drugs, hand soaps with fragrances.

All the residues from plastic production left in those bottles and cans, nobody wash it away for you before filling in with a product.

What happens when it is too much estrogen for you?

By eating estrogen-rich food masculine gender will be feminized.

Testosterone gives an ability to smell the female’s pheromones; when she is on ovulation, she excretes special pheromones which call male for reproduction. The hormones say so, this is uncontrollable.

For a man, if the level of testosterone is low – oh, he is not anymore attractive for females. (No perfume will help…).

Biologically confused young people appear when the balance in sex hormones is already affected.

Testosterone would make people (men) go and fight, fight for what is right. On the opposite, when estrogen is in dominance – it creates fear, because it is responsible for the protection, for the need to protect (like women do intuitively, in fact, because of the estrogen dominance).

For an adult female high level of estrogen leads to breast cancers; fir both genders it manifests in pimples and acne (which are abnormal in adult age).

Estrogen dominance in reproductive age leads to imbalance between two essential female hormones: estrogen and progesterone, which could be the most important cause of high levels of infertility these days (blog author’s note).

How men reduce their testosterones daily (blog author’s note too)

Easy, – by wearing fashionable narrow pants and underwear!

The fact which I remember probably from school times: testines of bulls were tied up to a belly with wide belts. This would lead for the temperature of testines to rise a bit – but enough (if on a daily basis) to make an animal sterile!!!

This would lead for the temperature of testines to rise a bit – enough (if on daily basis) to make an animal sterile!!!

Practices to lower estrogen

Cut down on toxicity in your life.

To lower estrogen / stimulate testosterone: short sprints, remove the triggers listed above, intermittent fasting, chi breathing, sauna detox (sweat it out), cleaning sinuses (neti pot), some other therapies explained in the Dr. Cassar’s protocols, strength exercises.

I am the only one who changes my physical world for me

Dr. Robert Cassar

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